HR Tech Tools: Four Options That Keep Employees Engaged

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We might still be waiting on hoverboards to really feel like we are living in the future that the Jetsons made us expect but there are some great tools out there that will not only make the life of the HR team easier, but that will actually boost employee engagement. We aren’t affiliated with any of these businesses, we just think they are worthwhile and they can help you too.

Employee engagement doesn’t simply mean that your employees are happy, or productive. An engaged workforce is one that is emotionally invested in the businesses’ values and goals. It is one that’s happy to come to work, productive at work, and will go the extra mile for work because they care about the business.

In the current work climate, where there is increased competition for the best talent, keeping your employees engaged has never been more important. Here is how to attract and retain the incoming Gen-Z workforce.

With the increase in available technology, here are 5 ways HR technology is helping with employee engagement:

Employee Education

Professional and personal development in a job has become increasingly popular in recent times. 87% of young workers state that personal and career development is an essential component of a job. Workers want to be equipped with the knowledge to excel in their careers to progress further. With software like Go1, companies are not only able to provide their business-specific training, but their employees can gain access to a wide array of professional development materials so that can feel they are always equipped with the opportunity to grow.

Internal Communication

In the same way that the customer now demands fast and efficient communication with your organisation, workers want to be able to connect with their peers quickly and easily without clogging up email inboxes. Now fast messaging apps are helping do the same for agile teams. As an example, we at TalentVine recently introduced Slack into our business as a way of communication between the customer support and tech teams. From this, we have seen an increase in both communication and collaboration in our team.

Efficient Scheduling

Employee priorities are shifting as we see employees looking to create a better balance between work and their personal life. This has led to increased calls for flexible working hours, which can create difficulties around scheduling for HR. How can we solve this? Thanks to workforce scheduling softwares, employers are able to provide their employees with the hours they need whilst still maintaining the hours required across the board. Your team can swap shifts amongst themselves without HR being burdened by these tasks. This sends a very positive message to staff that employers are concerned about their staff’s livelihood. Our pick of the bunch for this would have to be Tanda.

Employee Recognition

To go with managing performance, giving employees the hours they want and the tools they need to be more effective at their job, employee recognition is very important to many employees. A bi-annual or even monthly review telling your staff they’re doing great isn’t cutting it anymore. Real-time recognition for a job well done is what is keeping staff motivated. It shows them that they are being rewarded for every bit of hard work they do for the organisation. Redii is a reasonably software that is helping boost employee recognition and engagement.

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