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How TalentVine Helps You

TalentVine brings clients to you. So, you can spend less time sourcing leads, and more time placing candidates.

TalentVine Helps Recruiters To Hit More Target, More Placements, Better Results

Hit more targets

Less time sourcing leads means you’ll have more time to find and place quality candidates. Also, more placements means better results.

Do less negotiating

Employers use TalentVine’s standard set of terms, which keeps everyone happy. So, there is no negotiating. No sticky contracts. No awkward conversations.
TalentVine Helps Recruiters To Boost Their Reputation

Boost Your Reputation

The better the results you get for clients, certainly the higher you rank on our platform. So, the higher you rank, the more employers pick you as a recruiter of choice in your market.
TalentVine Helps Recruiters To Win More Business

Win more business

Apply to live jobs from employers who are ready to hire through recruiters now.
TalentVine Helps Recruiters To Find More Clients

Find New Clients

Build relationships with clients outside your patch and across the country. Some organisations use TalentVine as their elastic panel. So it allows you to work with employers you maybe wouldn’t have access to.
TalentVine Helps Recruiters To Make More Placements

Make More Placements

At the end of the day, you want to make more placements with the candidates you meet!
Grow your client base. Place more candidates.
Also, make more money.

Is TalentVine For You?

TalentVine connects Australia’s best recruiters with all kinds of employers, from startups to big, global companies. Most noteworthy, it’s designed to make recruiting fair and transparent for everyone. So, we’re selective about who we partner with.

You're an established pro

First of all, register with us if you're a domain expert who's already working on similar roles for clients.

Recruiters in TalentVine Recruitment Marketplace Are Professional
Recruiters Got Networks and Know Their Industries in TalentVine Recruitment Marketplace

You've got the networks

Most importantly, you know your industry. So, You can spot an A-player with your eyes closed. Also, you've got skills and networks to prove your recruiting muscle to clients.

You've got a talent pool

Also, you've got existing candidates you need to place. We've got global companies that need the best talent. So, TalentVine is your foot in the door.

Recruiter Has Rich Talent Pool in TalentVine Recruitment Marketplace
Top and Specialist Recruiters are on TalentVine's Platform

You're in the top 10%

Above all, employers want professional recruiters at the top of their game, certainly not generalist rookies who promise more than they can deliver.

These are the consultants that we love to work with.

Also, these are the consultants that make employers happy,

and likewise bring trust back to an otherwise unregulated industry.

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