TalentVine Employer Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to use TalentVine, an employer agrees to the following terms:

  1. Once these Terms of Appointment have been approved, the selected agencies will be assigned and will speak with you to understand the exact candidate skills, behaviours and culture that you’re looking to find. They will use this information develop an exact Position Description and Key Selection Criteria in order to start attracting the ideal candidate.

  2. The agency will then conduct an extensive recruitment campaign that consists of one or combination of a search of their candidate network, on-line jobsite advertising, social media search or other applicable advertising to create an exclusive applicant pool. After screening and interviewing all prospective applicants in the pool, your recruitment consultant will arrange client/candidate interviews for all successful applicants who match the Key Selection Criteria.

  3. After each interview the TalentVine consultant will contact the applicant to establish a YES/NO decision. The consultant will contact you to communicate the result. When you have made a decision to employ, the consultant will manage the offer, acceptance and references.

  4. Reference checking of candidates is conducted when an offer of employment is about to be made and is conducted as far as it is practical to do so. The consultant will make every effort to ensure the suitability of candidates presented, however does not accept any responsibility for any claim, error, loss, expense, damage or delay however associated by submitted or successful candidates.

  5. Guarantee – Should a successful candidate provided by a consultant leave or be terminated for poor performance within the guarantee period; the consultant will replace them at no additional cost (other than display advertising if required). In order to validate the guarantee, the following conditions must be met. The fee must have been paid in full by the due date and the cessation of employment must not be due to restructuring, change in the position description, redundancy or redeployment caused by the client. Only the original position description will be used as the basis of the replacement assignment. The guarantee on the replacement applicant applies for the unexpired duration relating to the original placement.

  6. Payment terms – The proposed recruitment fee (as a % of base and super) excludes GST and is payable by an employer if a candidate is successfully hired. Payment terms are 7 days from the candidate start date.

Temporary & Contractor Placements

  1. The Temporary Placement fee, based on a daily or hourly rate, will be negotiated with the Client before the start of each assignment. The total fee includes all required relevant fees such as payroll tax, workers’ compensation and superannuation, but is exclusive of GST.

  2. Approval of the Temporary Placement’s timesheet on a weekly basis is an acceptance of the employees work and constitutes authorisation for The Recruitment Agency to invoice the Client for the associated fees for the time approved.

  3. The Recruitment Agency supplies Temporary Placements as either their employee or Independent contractors. Any other engagement will be subject to the Permanent Placement terms unless negotiated before engagement. If no negotiation has taken place, the original permanent bid made through TalentVine will be binding.

  4. The Client accepts responsibility for supervision and directs the Temporary Placement’s work and outcomes during the assignment.

  5. The Client is responsible for reimbursement of all expenses incurred by the Temporary Placement during the assignment.

  6. The Recruitment Agency may terminate the contract without notice to the Client and without incurring any liability to the Client in the event of: 1). The Client’s failure to pay any amounts outstanding to The Recruitment Agency or the Client otherwise commits an act of bankruptcy, insolvency or is placed in liquation, voluntary administration or receivership. 2). The Client does not comply with all statutes, regulations and other legal requirements. 3).The Temporary Placement is guilty of serious misconduct. 4). The Temporary Placement does not comply with all laws, regulations and other legal requirements.

  7. By agreeing to use TalentVine, an employer agrees to the above terms as per the Electronic Transactions Act (2001).

Note: Employers have an option to set their own custom terms and conditions

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