How to Work With a Recruiter

A Guide to How Recruitment Agencies Work for Employers

When it comes to building a dynamic and efficient team, employers often find themselves in need of expert guidance. Recruitment agencies can be invaluable partners in your search for top talent. To do this well, the key is understanding how to work with a recruiter. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of recruitment partnerships, sharing insights and strategies to help employers like you make the most of these collaborations.

The Power of Recruitment Partnerships

In a competitive job market, finding and attracting top talent can be a challenge. This is where recruitment agencies shine, serving as valuable allies in your search for skilled and qualified candidates. This guide is designed to help employers harness the full potential of recruitment partnerships.

Throughout this guide, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the recruitment landscape and build successful working relationships with recruitment agencies.

How To Work With Recruiters

Section 1:

The Benefits of Working With Recruiters

First things first, why work with a recruiter to hire?

To understand how you can successfully work with a recruiter, knowing the unique benefits of doing so is a vital first step. So, what makes outsourced recruitment an effective recruitment solution?

An Alternative to Job Boards

While job boards have their undisputed place in the recruitment landscape, they aren’t always the most effective solution. The sheer volume of applications can lead to information overload, making it challenging to identify the best-fit candidates.

A balanced approach, complementing job boards with recruiting experts, can provide the best results, especially when targeting passive candidates and specialised roles.

Access to Passive Candidates

Candidates are typically categorised as either active or passive. Active candidates are seeking new job opportunities and are relatively easy to reach.

In contrast, passive candidates are not actively looking for new job opportunities but may be open to considering them if the right opportunity comes along.

Reaching passive candidates is where professional recruiters shine, as they use various methods, including leveraging social media, attending in-person events, tapping into employee referrals, and re-examining past candidates. Tapping into the passive candidate pool can significantly enhance your organisation’s talent acquisition efforts and lead to top-tier hires.

Boost to Employer Brand

Recruiters can be powerful allies in conveying your employer brand. They will make that important first impression on candidates, ensuring it accurately reflects your organisation’s values and culture. They also contribute to a positive candidate experience, responding to every job applicant with thoughtful and unique messages that showcase your organisation’s commitment to communication and leave even unsuccessful candidates with a favourable impression.

Recruiters are instrumental in streamlining the hiring process, making it more efficient, and conveying the message that your organisation values applicants’ time and effort. 

Section 2:

What You Need to Know About How Recruitment Agencies Work

Working with recruiters to hire

Before you work with a recruiter, it’s important to understand how the process works. In this section, we’ll prepare you with all the information you need to forge successful recruitment relationships. 

Understanding Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

In order to decide the best solution, it’s important to understand RPO and how it differs from recruitment agencies. RPO involves outsourcing recruitment functions to an external provider. These RPO providers offer benefits including access to experienced specialists, reduced time and cost to hire, advanced technology-driven access to premium talent, scalability, effective analysis, lower turnover, and diverse talent pools.

The cost of RPO varies based on factors like the model, hiring volume, and provider’s compensation structure, with cost-per-hire being the most flexible choice. When choosing an RPO provider, industry-specific expertise and strategic alignment are crucial. 

When comparing RPO to recruitment agencies, key distinctions revolve around partnership arrangements, compensation, and what motivates each entity. Recruitment agencies typically have a narrower focus. In contrast, RPO providers often receive a monthly fee, with potential performance-based bonuses and incentives. RPO providers manage all candidates, regardless of their source, while recruiters typically handle only candidates they have sourced. 

How Much Do Recruitment Agencies Charge?

The cost of recruiting services, whether for permanent or temporary staffing, can vary based on numerous factors. For permanent hires, recruitment fees typically range between $5,000 and $25,000, depending on the role’s seniority, industry, exclusivity, and recruiter terms.

The most common fee structure is a percentage of the candidate’s annual salary, which can range from 12% to 20% on average. Fixed fees are also an option, providing cost predictability. For senior executive roles or niche positions, the retained assignment model may be used, with payments made in increments. The expense of recruiting services is justified by the value they bring, including access to networks, market knowledge, and efficient candidate selection.

For temporary staffing through a recruitment agency, fees can range from a 10% to 100% markup on the hourly rate of the temporary employee. While this may seem substantial, it’s essential to consider the benefits, such as insurance coverage, time-saving advantages, and simplified compliance that recruitment agencies provide, which ultimately justify the cost and ensure a smooth hiring experience.

How to Engage and Work With a Recruiter

At TalentVine, we always recommend you get in touch with recruiters through our platform. Simply sign up, post your role, and select from the recruiter bids presented to you based on fees, reviews, and statistics. 

Once you’ve engaged a recruiter, establish open communication by sharing insights about your company’s culture and values to ensure they find candidates who align with your organisation. Trust the recruiter’s expertise and be open to exploring potential matches beyond your initial expectations. Provide constructive feedback promptly to enhance the selection process. While patience is essential during the hiring process, be decisive when identifying the ideal candidate, as top talent is in high demand. 

Collaborating effectively with a recruiter can streamline your hiring process and connect you with the best talent for your company’s needs. Done right, it’s a valuable addition to your hiring strategy; done poorly, it can be costly and result in a poor candidate experience.

The Difference Between Exclusive & Non-Exclusive Recruitment

Exclusive and non-exclusive recruitment partnerships offer distinct advantages and the choice between the two hinges on various factors. Exclusive recruitment, where you collaborate solely with one recruiter, often results in lower fees, fosters trust and confidence, allows recruiters to focus deeply on your brand, and enhances confidentiality in sensitive hiring processes. It’s particularly effective for niche roles, small organisations, budget-conscious hiring, and elevating employer branding.

Conversely, non-exclusive recruitment, involving multiple recruiters, expands your candidate pool, brings diverse perspectives, accelerates the hiring process, and is preferable for high-volume, contract, remote, or generalist roles, and situations requiring a fast turnaround.

If you’re unsure, it’s possible to blend both models, starting exclusively and transitioning to non-exclusive after a certain period. In the end, the choice depends on the unique needs, goals, and circumstances of your organisation, with careful evaluation and the right recruiters ensuring the best hiring outcomes.

Section 3:

Maximising Your Recruitment Partnerships

Recruitment Briefing

So, you understand how to work with a recruiter, and perhaps you’ve already done so. In this section, we break down how you can improve the process by cutting down costs, efficiently selecting the best consultants, and working with them successfully to hire top talent. 

Controlling Rogue Agency Spend

When engaging with recruiters, avoiding rogue agency spend is crucial. This involves clear communication of the organisation’s position regarding unsolicited candidate submissions and unauthorised recruitment fees.

Providing a legal disclaimer that outlines a strict policy on recruitment fees can help deter agencies from imposing unauthorised charges. Ensuring that hiring managers, procurement, and finance teams understand this policy is essential for consistent enforcement. Leveraging a VMS can provide an effective shield against unwanted agency contact, offering a platform for the release of roles on your terms of service. This helps in rewarding agencies that follow the right procedures while deterring those that don’t.

TalentVine simplifies the engagement process, offering transparency and efficiency in engaging with the right recruiters, ensuring all engagements align with your terms of service and providing a platform for tracking performance and maintaining compliance with your guidelines.

Should You Implement a Preferred Supplier Agreement (PSA)?

You may have heard of Preferred Supplier Agreements (PSAs), maintain a list of select, trusted recruitment partners. However, it’s important to note that many organisations are scrapping PSAs in favour of more adaptable and efficient recruitment. PSAs, once a common method for managing recruitment partners, are considered outdated for several reasons. With the advent of HR tech and vendor management platforms, companies now have alternatives to pre-agreed terms and rates that offer more flexibility.

PSAs often prove to be too rigid, not encompassing the diverse industries and job roles organisations need to hire for in a dynamic job market. Research reveals that factors affecting hiring managers’ decisions to work with agencies, such as market knowledge, cost, and the ability to source specialist hires, can be better addressed through recruitment marketplace platforms, emphasising the declining relevance of traditional PSAs.

TalentVine, as a recruitment marketplace, effectively addresses common issues associated with PSAs, providing a flexible and efficient alternative. This transition away from PSAs signifies a shift toward more adaptable and performance-driven recruitment solutions.

Finding the Right Recruitment Consultant

Selecting the right recruitment consultant is pivotal for successful hiring. Key factors to consider include their specialisation, fees, and track record.

Specialised recruiters provide deeper industry insights, contacts, and technology, tailoring your candidate pool. While cost is a factor, focus on value over the lowest fee, aiming for faster hiring and better-quality candidates. To gauge a recruiter’s performance, platforms like TalentVine offer objective metrics, like ratings, recent roles, and hire rates.

By specialising in matching you with industry-specific recruiters, TalentVine ensures you find the ideal consultant. It’s a cost-free resource for employers, with no commitment until your new hire’s first day, streamlining your hiring process.

Getting the Best Outcome with Your Recruiters

 High-quality recruiters are often in high demand, handling multiple roles simultaneously. To ensure a successful recruitment partnership and maintain a high priority with recruiters, consider these steps:

Provide a Detailed Brief: Clearly communicate your expectations and the role’s specifics. Transparency saves time and ensures a precise match with your needs.

Build Strong Relationships: Invest time in getting to know your recruiter and allow them to understand your organisation. Trust and open communication are key.

Maintain Open Communication: Stay in regular contact with your recruiter, informing them of your preferred communication style and maintaining responsiveness.

Understand Their Perspective: Recognise the challenges recruiters face, such as candidate responsiveness and market dynamics. Be clear about your expectations.

Take Their Advice: Leverage the recruiter’s expertise. They bring specialised knowledge, and their insights can guide your decisions for better outcomes.

In a competitive market, collaboration and effective communication are vital to making your recruitment partnership successful. Consider these tips to maximise your chances of securing the best candidates while working with recruiters. TalentVine offers a platform to discover and connect with top recruiters, simplifying your hiring process.

The Modern Hiring Solution

TalentVine is a recruitment marketplace that helps you to hire top talent faster, cheaper, and easier. Simply post a role, get connected to elite specialist recruiters, and receive vetted, qualified candidates for your role.

The best part? TalentVine is free to use for employers!

Conclusion: A Complete Guide to Working With Recruiters

In a world where talent acquisition is paramount, working effectively with recruitment agencies is a valuable skill for any employer. This guide has provided you with the knowledge and insights needed to navigate the complexities of the recruitment landscape. By leveraging the expertise of recruitment agencies, understanding costs, and exploring the nuances of recruitment agreements, employers can build collaborative and successful partnerships that result in top-notch hires and long-term recruitment success.

We hope this guide serves as a valuable resource on your journey to mastering the art of recruitment partnerships. Whether you’re a seasoned employer or new to the hiring process, the strategies and insights shared here will empower you to find and secure the talent your organisation needs.

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