How Recruitment Agencies Can Boost Your Employer Brand

How recruiters can build better employer brands

How many times have you returned to a candidate after initially passing over them? For most of you, the first answer is probably ‘not many.’

First impressions are everything, and in recruitment, it’s no different. Your organisation only gets one chance to start on the right note with a candidate. If their first impression of your organisation is that of a badly run workplace, harsh environment, uninclusive company, or anything else negative, top candidate will be running for the hills. 

Employer brand is key to ensuring they get the right, positive impression. This is true whether the candidate is visiting your careers page, viewing a job ad and equally important if an external recruiter is representing your brand in the market.

Recruitment agencies can be a valuable asset in projecting a positive brand, as they have the expertise and connections to find the right talent, but you still need to help them promote your organisation’s culture, values, and opportunities to job seekers accurately.

Providing a positive representation of your organisation,

First impressions are often crucial, and it’s no different in the hiring space. When a candidate submits an application or is contacted about a role, recruiters will be looking to creating an accurate first impression of your organisation.

A good recruiter will be able to accurately and favourably represent your organisations values to prospective candidates, theyby acting as an extension of your employer brand.

TalentVine is part of the Circle Back Initiative, a collective of employers and recruiters dedicated to providing a response to every job applicant. 

Your recruitment partners will also be responsible for replying to candidates if you are a member. Working with the right professional recruiter can ensure that these messages are thoughtful, unique, and provide value to the candidate. 

Not only is this a fair response to the effort a candidate put into their application, but it showcases the value your organisation places in communication and can still leave unsuccessful candidates with a positive impression.

See How You Can Partner With CBI Recruiters on TalentVine

Streamlining the hiring process, making it more effective and efficient

Recruiters play a vital role in streamlining the recruitment process by identifying and sourcing potential candidates, screening resumes, conducting initial interviews, and shortlisting the most suitable candidates. They also liase with all candidates throughout the recruitment process, helping to make the process as fast and smooth for all involved. 

A streamlined recruitment process sends a message to potential candidates that your organisation is well-run and values the time and effort of applicants. When candidates have a positive experience during the recruitment process, they are more likely to view the you in a positive light and consider your organision for future job opportunities.

Giving insights based on their past experience

When working with recruiters, the actual candidate search is really only part of the value you receive. The other major part is the access you gain to their knowledge and experience, and your ability to use this to improve your hiring process going forward. A good recruiter will be able to leave your organisation with actionable and insightful information that leaves an impact long after their tenure. 

From an employer brand perspective, this can come in the form of identifying processes and practices to improve, whether its communication with candidates, messaging, job descriptions, internal relationships, or something else. 

Gathering feedback from candidates to drive improvement

An experienced recruiter will have processes in place to gather candidate feedback, which helps you to refine and improve your hiring process going forward. Not only will this improved recruitment experience help your employer brand with new applicants, but the act of showing that you care about a candidate’s feedback is a positive reflection on your organisation and its values.

Choosing the Right Recruiter

With recruitment agencies playing such an important part in establishing and maintaining your employer brand, it’s important that you choose the right consultants to work with. A positive representation of your organisation, streamlined recruitment experience, proven experience, and an effective feedback loop are all benefits you’ll get from a quality recruiter. All of this can help to better your organisation’s brand in the eyes of candidates. Just as a good recruitment consultant can improve your brand, so too can a bad one sour the experience for candidates and leave them with a bad taste in their mouth. 

Utilising a recruitment marketplace such as TalentVine is one way that employers can ensure they find the best recruiters for them.

What Does a Recruitment Marketplace Offer?

As of 2023, TalentVine’s online recruitment marketplace has nearly 2000 employers on the platform, and almost as many recruiters. But why are they choosing to work with us?

Here are a reasons why:

Social proof

TalentVine captures and displays ratings and reviews on each recruiter profile, provided by real employers verified to have worked with them. The numbers do the talking, meaning recruiters with the best performance, not the best sales pitch, rise to the top.

Employers can gain the clarity and visibility needed to make a data-driven selection. You can be confident in your choice when deciding which recruiters to partner with for each role. 

Great recruiters thrive on TalentVine and we love helping facilitate these introductions between employers and recruiters.

Holistic viewpoint

As an employer, you gain insight into a recruiter’s raw stats and how this stacks up on the broader market. For example, TalentVine will show you the percentile a recruiter sits in for stats such as average interview rate. Because recruiter ratings and metrics are presented together when bids are received, it’s easy for you to compare and contrast.

This ensures that for each role, employers can be sure they are receiving the best quality service and experience at favourable fees and terms. 

New partnerships and oppurtunities

TalentVine facilitates the building of new relationships between employers and recruiters. You gain access to a wide range of recruitment agents based on their specialisation. You post a Marketing role, you’ll receive bids from recruiters who specialise in marketing.

If you want the best results, there’s no one size fits all. TalentVine allows you to find the best recruiter for every specific role you need to fill. And trust us, we have some really incredible consultants ready and waiting to assist.

Partner with an individual recruiter

When an employer posts a role, the bids received show information about the recruiters as an individual, rather than the agencies they work for. Agency name has very little to do with the service you receive, as all will have their high and low performers. TalentVine employers can see exactly where they stand, who they’re going to partner with, and what their track record is like. 

Often some of the best recruiters do not work for a large agency. Perhaps they went out on their own and started a boutique agency, or maybe they only specialise in a niche area. TalentVine gives you visibility and access to these smaller recruiters who can provide as good, if not better, service. 

"TalentVine has made it easy to scale the market and select the right specialists in niche fields. The team has been amazing, interactions and needs are met every time."
Yvette Machado
Talent Acquisition Business Partner |

In 2023, online recruitment has never been easier with TalentVine. 

This article highlighted how organisations can improve their employer brand with the help of recruitment agencies. A positive representation, a streamlined hiring process, access to experienced advice, and a positive feedback loop are just some of the ways this is done. 

As such an important extension of an organisation, finding the right recruiter is also essential. That’s where TalentVine can help.


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