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Employer FAQs

You can find recruiters to hire positions at any level, from a wide range of industries, including:

    • Accounting
    • Administration & Office Support
    • Advertising
    • Arts & Media
    • Banking & Finance
    • Blue Collar
    • CEO & General Management
    • Construction
    • Consulting & Strategy
    • Contact Centre & Customer Service
    • Digital
    • Engineering & Manufacturing
    • Health Services
    • Human Resources
    • Hospitality
    • Information Technology
    • Legal
    • Marketing
    • Mining & Resources
    • Not For Profit
    • Oil & Gas
    • Procurement & Supply Chain
    • Property & Construction
    • Recruitment
    • Retail

Nothing. It’s completely free to use for employers. TalentVine is a business development tool for recruiters, so we make money by retaining a small portion of the fees that go to recruitment agencies in exchange for giving them access to a wider range of jobs in the market. 

You do, however, need to pay the recruitment agencies the fee you offer when they make a successful placement through TalentVine which is invoiced to you on the candidate’s start date. 

We only represent specialist consultants from a range of industries that have been onboarded and screened. In the rare instance a recruiter does not act in a client’s best interest resulting in low ratings, they will no longer have the option to work with TalentVine.

You can decide the most suitable recruiters based on a number of factors: their previous ratings, their proposed fees, replacement guarantee duration, previous performance metrics, location, area of specialisation and the customised information that they provide in their ‘pitch’ to work on the role.

Fees vary depending on the industry, location, job level, and candidate requirements and how recently some recruiters have been working on similar roles. Successful fees have ranged from 8% to 18% of the candidate’s salary. If you’re not sure, the easiest solution is to leave the maximum fee blank and let all the recruiters submit their own fee. As this is a competitive market, you’ll often find this results in even further cost savings as opposed to stipulating your maximum fee.

Seek and LinkedIn are job boards that employers use to advertise roles directly to candidates. Only about 30% of the job market are currently looking for work on job boards. Using TalentVine is a way for employers to tap into the passive job market which is the other 70% of candidates that are not actively looking for work. These are candidates that are either connected to recruiters, or that recruiters are able to ‘tap on the shoulder’ on your behalf which enables you to select your next hire from 100% of the available talent market.

No. You can choose how many recruiters you work with, and decide how many candidates you’d like to receive from each of them. Typically, our recruiters will only shortlist candidates if they know they are the perfect fit, so we always focus on quality over quantity as we capture metrics around the number of candidates that are submitted, invited to interview and end up hired which incentives recruiters to send only their best talent to you.

No, TalentVine hides employers’ contact information from the marketplace. Remaining anonymous allows you to receive quotes and view the top available recruiters without having any concern about getting cold calls. Your business name becomes visible only after you confirm which recruiters you would like to work with and only those recruiters will be able to contact you. Should any recruiters try and contact you outside of TalentVine then this goes against the level of ethics we expect and we would ban that consultant’s agency from further use of the platform.

Typically between one and three days after choosing your recruiters. As soon as you select your recruiters, they’ll be in touch for a briefing and will then start working on the role and sourcing talent for you. Depending on how specific your candidate requirements are, you may receive candidates on the same day that you start the process.

You will receive your invoice from TalentVine on the day the candidate starts work with your company. Standard payments terms are seven days.

Yes, the TalentVine recruiter who worked with you on the role will be contracted to replace the candidate at no additional cost and you’re protected by our terms of service that all agencies agree to when using the platform. When recruiters bid on your role, they will indicate how long this replacement guarantee will be. Typically, you’ll be offered replacement guarantees from between three and six months. Some executive roles can be matched with 12 month replacement guarantees.

If you are already working with other recruiters then that’s fine. However if you only select one recruiter on the platform then this will be based on their non-exclusive fees. Typically if your recruiters outside of TalentVine are not delivering then we would suggest that you engage TalentVine recruiters exclusively to benefit from the preferential rates, areas of specialism and service that’s aligned to marketplace rating platforms like TalentVine.

Yes. In your employer account settings, you can define an HR Manager for recruiters to contact and discuss candidates with. This is also accessible when you select your recruiters to define “Are you the primary contact for this role?”

Yes you can. We make no secret of the fact that we are shaking up the old-school, restrictive recruitment panel of old. If the agencies that you want to work with are not already on TalentVine then we will happily onboard them for you so that all suitable recruiters are available to you when you next release a role.

Yes you can. Our clients that use the platform in this way are the ones that get the most value from using TalentVine due to all the legal, compliance and accounting issues that this solves. Not to mention the increased candidate quality and cost savings. Please contact the team to find out how this can be customised to your needs.

As soon as you have selected your chosen recruiter/s, they are notified to contact you during your requested window of time. If this time has past and you still haven’t heard from them, please let us know asap so we can follow up and make sure nothing has fallen through the cracks.

TalentVine uses Amazon Web Services to provide all of our software services to clients. We use AWS’s S3 to store our data which is also encrypted and password protected. None of this data leaves the Sydney Region and as such is safe for government departments and other organizations that require data to be stored domestically.

The TalentVine team strives to provide the best services to all of clients, and because we utilize AWS we can ensure we have an up-time on par with that of the some of the biggest and best online companies in the world like We provide 99.9% up-time averaged annually.

Yes! We love to get feedback from you and happy to take on board any suggestions for new features or improvements. You can provide feedback here.

Recruiter FAQs

TalentVine earns commission when recruiters make successful placements. We keep 20% of the placement fee and pay the remaining 80% to the recruiter within 14 days of client payment.

As of July 2019, we have had over 500 employers using TalentVine. This ranges from SMEs that might need to outsource one role per year, through to some of Australia’s most well-known employers that use our platform as their panel. We are proud in making it simple for specialist recruiters to work with employers that you wouldn’t necessarily have had the opportunity to work with previously. The majority of roles are Digital, IT, Finance, Accounting, Legal, Sales, Marketing and Engineering.

The employers on TalentVine are looking for the types of candidates that you are already interviewing. Imagine meeting with 40 candidates every month, and instead of only placing three or four in a job through your current client base, you place two to three TIMES as many, without spending much more on business development and client relationships! We earn money when you earn money, so our focus is to provide you with quality leads and a smooth process, so you can focus on meeting amazing candidates and getting them placed with the right employers.

This comes down to the quality of your bid. Employers decide the recruiter based on the information you provided, your recruiter ratings, and performance metrics. When you bid on a role, you will need to provide points of differentiation, such as proposed placement fee, terms of replacement guarantee, and examples of similar roles you have worked on recently. This helps the employer decide on the agency best suited to find their candidates. As you start to work on more roles, employers will see your rating which becomes the main point of differentiation when selecting their recruiters.

We recommend that every recruiter in your agency registers for an account separately as each profile is unique to the consultant and not the agency. They can each manage their own roles and profile, and you can decide internally what types of fees and conditions you want to put forward.

This means you’ve done a great job, which makes us happy! If the client contacts you directly then you’re free to continue to work with the client, however, our  Terms of Business state that any relationship developed as a result of TalentVine will continue to incur a 20% commission on any revenue, for the first 12 months. The easiest way to manage this is to ask the client to upload the job to the platform, and we will only send the role to yourself so you can benefit from the additional ratings and metrics.

If that employer has already been in touch with you to work on a particular role then you don’t need to bid on TalentVine. If an employer is adding a role on TalentVine, then the expectation is that they are wanting to work through the platform and this needs to be respected. If an employer reports that you’re contacting them to work offline based on seeing the role through TalentVine then this is against our Terms of Business and will result in a 12 month ban for all consultants at your agency.

All marketplaces including TalentVine carry the risk of unethical behaviour from a select few users. Employers are incentivised to report this and when any attempt to do so is discovered, all consultants from that agency are removed from using the platform for between 6 and 18 months. The agency is invoiced our percentage for any outstanding invoices owed as a result of the introduction and we then reimburse this amount to the employer. If the offending consultant moves to a new agency, that ban carries over to their new place of work and we have an unwritten agreement with other similar models in Australia who we share this information with. This helps us all to flush the bay players out of the industry. From what we have heard, having to explain to your whole business why they can no longer receive roles on TalentVine is not a pleasant experience.

To make life easier, employers have just one supplier, TalentVine, for all their recruitment payments. When TalentVine receives payment from the employer, we will handle any debt collection so the recruiters can focus on finding quality candidates.

Fees are dependant on candidate requirements and budgets, typically varying from 10% to 20% of salary. The highest placement fee awarded to date is $42,000 plus GST.

Not at all. We won’t lie that employers are interested in receiving attractive fees, however, the winning fee is an average of 3% points above the lowest fee on offer. You should only bid at the fee that you’d be comfortable to still do your best work at.

There is zero obligation to bid on any roles. We only want you to throw your hat in the ring when you feel confident that you specialise in that type of role and you have the capacity, networks and ability to find the perfect candidate for that particular hire.

TalentVine uses Amazon Web Services to provide all of our software services to clients. We use AWS’s S3 to store our data which is also encrypted and password protected. None of this data leaves the Sydney Region and as such is safe for government departments and other organizations that require data to be stored domestically.

If you have no ratings on your profile (hot tip: add external ratings) then this takes an average of one in seven bids. While this may seem tedious, remember that this translates to earning an average of $1,450 each time you submit a bid. Once you’re active on TalentVine, have ratings and metrics, and are bidding on roles that are within your area of specialisation, you can expect this to drop to one in three. If you find that you’re still struggling to get picked, please speak to the team for a complimentary profile consultation.

Yes! We love to get feedback from you and happy to take on board any suggestions for new features or improvements. You can provide feedback here.

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