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FAQs for employer and recruiter.

Employer FAQs

TalentVine is a recruitment platform allowing employers to easily find the best recruiters to work with, no matter the budget, timeline, or role that needs filling in the business. We provide employers with visible ratings and metrics, so they can make better decisions on working with the right recruiters.

TalentVine screens and selects Australia’s best recruiters, and sets them up with a TalentVine profile, which showcases their area of expertise, performance metrics, and ratings in their niche market. Employers anonymously upload their job vacancies to the platform, and recruiters place their best bids to work on them. The successful recruiters source candidates as usual, and you as the employer interview the ones you are interested in. At the end of the process, you hire the best candidate for the job!

We only represent agencies that we have screened, and have a proven track record with excellent recommendations within their sector. In the rare instance a recruiter does not act in a client’s best interest resulting in low ratings, they will no longer have the option to work with TalentVine.

Our platform ranks the most suitable recruiters for you based on previous metrics and ratings. You can also select recruiters based on their proposed fees, replacement guarantee duration and particular performance metrics, that are proven to reduce the cost and time to hire.

Fees vary depending on industry, location, job level, and candidate requirements. Successful fees have ranged from 8% to 18% of the candidate’s salary. If you’re not sure, the easiest solution is to leave the maximum fee blank and let all the recruiters submit their own fees. As this is a competitive market, you’ll often find this results in even further cost savings.

Many employers use TalentVine simultaneously to their existing models, whether this is posting on job boards, contracting other recruiters, or utilising internal recruitment teams. Because there is no cost or obligation to use the platform, you have nothing to lose! 

Oftentimes, TalentVine recruiters are working with candidates outside of your network, and have recently placed a similar role so they can send you the top candidates at a discounted rate.

Remaining anonymous allows you to receive quotes and view the top available recruiters without having any concern about getting cold calls. Your business name will become visible once you confirm which recruiters you would like to work with.

You would typically receive a candidate shortlist within 24 hours of choosing which recruiters you’d like to work with. As soon as you select your recruiters, they’ll start working on the role and sourcing talent for you. Depending on how specific your candidate requirements are, you may receive candidates on the same day that you start the process.

You choose how many recruiters you work with, and you can decide how many candidates you’d like. Typically, our recruiters will only shortlist candidates if they know they are the perfect fit, so we always focus on quality over quantity.

Your invoice will be sent to you by TalentVine within two weeks of job offer and acceptance, or two weeks of the candidate’s start date, whichever comes earlier.

Yes, the TalentVine recruiter who worked with you on the role will be contracted to replace the candidate at no additional cost. When recruiters bid on your role, they will indicate how long this replacement guarantee will be. Typically, you’ll be offered replacement guarantees from between three and twelve months.

Recruiter FAQs

TalentVine earns commission when recruiters make successful placements. We keep 20% of the placement fee, and deliver the remaining 80% to the recruiter within 14 days of client payment.

TalentVine is used by a wide range of employers from ASX listed, to start-ups and SMEs, all within a variety of industries. The majority of roles that are placed through the platform are digital, IT, finance, accounting, sales and marketing. TalentVine’s clients are mainly Australian based, however we have worked with businesses in UK, Europe, South Africa and South America, who are looking for Australian talent.

When you use TalentVine, you are working with employers who are trying to hire the types of candidates that you are already interviewing. Imagine meeting with 40 candidates every month, and instead of only placing three or four in a job through your current client base, you place two to three TIMES as many, without spending much more on business development and client relationships! We earn money when you earn money, so our focus is to provide you with quality leads and a smooth process, so you can focus on meeting amazing candidates.

As a recruiter, when you bid on a role, you will be asked to provide points of differentiation, such as proposed placement fee, terms of replacement guarantee, and examples of similar roles you have worked on recently. This helps the employer decide on the agency best suited to find their candidates. You will also develop a rating as you become more active in the platform, based on your customer service and quality of candidates.

We recommend that every recruiter in your agency registers for an account separately. They can each manage their own roles and profile, and you can decide internally what types of fees and conditions you want to work with.

Recruiters own the candidates they shortlist for a period of 12 months from the date of submission. We keep an electronic record of all candidates who are shortlisted, so if an employer hires a candidate you recommended, we will chase the placement fee on your behalf.

Candidates who applied to an employer outside of the platform in the preceding 12 months belong to the employer, and not to the representing recruiter. If the employer hires the candidate, the employer will not owe a fee.

This means you’ve done a great job, which makes us happy! You are free to continue to work with the client, however, our Terms of Business state that any relationship developed as a result of TalentVine will continue to incur a 20% commission on any revenue, for the first 12 months. The easiest way to manage this is to ask the client to upload the job to the platform, and engage only your agency on it.

If a recruiter has an existing relationship with an employer, they can continue to work offline with them, or they can choose to work through TalentVine. Business developed through TalentVine should remain online, in line with the Terms of Business./span>

To make the lives of clients easier, they have just one supplier, TalentVine, for all their recruitment payments. When TalentVine receives payment from the client, we will handle any debt collection so the recruiters can focus on finding quality candidates.

Fees are dependant on candidate requirements and budgets, typically varying from 8% to 18% of salary. The highest placement fee awarded to date is $25,500 plus GST.

Not at all. We won’t lie that employers do generally hire candidates at lower fees than often quoted directly however the winning fee is an average of 2.4% points above the lowest fee on offer. For exclusive this is 10%, for non-exclusive this is 12%.

There is zero obligation to bid on any roles. We only want you to throw your hat in the ring when you feel confident you have the capacity, networks and ability to find the perfect candidate for that particular hire.