This is all available to employers, at no cost. Use us for a one-off role or let us show you how our platform can be your organisation’s vendor management platform for the modern age of hiring.

The Elastic Recruitment Panel

Preferred Supplier Agreements (PSAs) are a thing of the past. Use TalentVine to engage with the right specialist, from your choice of agency, at the fees and terms that work for you. With employer rating and measured performances, we take the guesswork out of vendor relationships so you can receive best-in-class service and candidates, each time.

Australia's Largest Recruitment Marketplace

Over 380+ recruitment agencies in one place to maximise your ROI on using recruitment agencies for the hardest roles within your organisation. Regardless of the role and the location, we match your position to proven specialists that bid for the opportunity to assist you to make key hires.

Candidate Management Software

Use our ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) to manage your recruiter-sourced talent from start to finish, or connect the TalentVine recruiters into your existing HR suite of products.

Dedicated Account Manager

A TalentVine Account Manager will work closely with you and act as your concierge, in a style that suits you, to assist with every role. We believe in the right mix of technology, data and human interaction for successful hires.

Use Standard or Custom Ts&Cs

No need to ever go back and forth negotiating with an agency on terms that aren't right for you. Store your terms of service on your TalentVine profile so that all agencies agree to these terms before bidding for the chance to work with you.

Back-office Vendor Management

TalentVine eliminates the back-office admin that's involved in engaging and outsourcing to recruitment agencies. Your procurement, legal and accounting teams will love us! One platform, one supplier for all recruitment fees, one set of terms, 380+ recruitment agencies in one place.

Agency Onboarding for You

If any of your preferred recruitment agencies are not already on TalentVine, we will happily onboard them for you, so that you have the option to continue working with them alongside our network of specialist recruitment agencies.

Small Business Connect

If your organisation would like to support more small business, we can provide you with access to incredible boutique recruitment specialists that wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to provide you with talent through your panel. This can still be done alongside all the mid-tier and large agencies available to you through TalentVine.

Floated CV Manager

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Floated CV Manager

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