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Sarah is struggling to hire for a key position - An example to explain how TalentVine works

She knows that having the right recruitment specialists to assist her is the best way to hire a quality candidate. Moreover, Sarah wants to be confident that she is getting the best deal on fees and is engaging with a proven specialist who has been highly-rated by her industry peers.

She decides to try TalentVine, this is her journey...


Sarah Adds A Role

First of all, TalentVine shares the role description anonymously with recruiters who specialise in hiring for the exact position that Sarah is looking to fill. 

Recruiters have 24 hours to respond.

How TalentVine Works - Step 1
How TalentVine Works - Step 2


Sarah Receives Her Recruiter Shortlist

From the bids Sarah receives, she selects the most relevant recruiter(s) based on the industry ratings, metrics, and their proposed terms of service.

How TalentVine Works - Step 2


Sarah Receives Candidates

The selected recruiters contacted Sarah for a detailed brief at her proposed time. They provide their best-fit candidates until making the perfect hire.

How TalentVine Works - Step 3
TalentVine Works In Few Simple Steps To Hire The Best


Sarah Hires The Best!

In the end, Sarah’s hire remains protected by TalentVine’s employer-friendly Ts&Cs and she is only invoiced for the agreed fee on the day that the new hire starts.

In contrast, if Sarah decides not to hire anyone during the process, there is no cost or obligation!

TalentVine Works In Few Simple Steps To Hire The Best

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