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Find the best recruiter, every time. Engage industry specialists on a per-role basis to find and hire the best talent using our Recruitment Marketplace. Post a role, compare specialist recruiters within 24 hours, and partner with the best.

View in-depth analytics from individual recruiter performance metrics to review, fees, replacement guarantees, and recently placed roles. Best of all, it comes at no additional cost! The only invoice you’ll ever receive is the agreed recruitment fee, and only once the successful candidate starts.

Recruitment Marketplace

How The TalentVine Recruitment Marketplace Works

Hiring niche or hard-to-fill roles? TalentVine’s Recruitment Marketplace can connect you to top specialist recruiters at agreeable terms and fees. Best of all, it’s vendor funded, meaning there is no additional cost to you.

Simply upload a role, add a few details, and select from the custom bids from specialist recruiters ready to find your perfect candidate.

  • Over 1000 top recruitment agents
  • Shortlist of bids in 24 hours
  • Compare, and select recruiters
  • Recruit in days, not months
  • Use our employer-friendly terms, or upload your own custom terms of service
  • Save up to 40% on fees
  • No hire, no fee, no upfront cost

Watch the short demo video below to learn how you can easily post a role on TalentVine and receive recruiter bids in 24 hours:

1. Add A Role Anonymously

2. Receive Recruiter Bids

3. Select Recruiters

4. Hire Great Talent

What is TalentVine?

TalentVine is an online platform that provides employers with the clarity and connections needed to find the best recruiter, every time. With the right balance of smart technology and human interaction, we aim to streamline the hiring process for organisations. Evaluate individual recruiters based on data and reviews, view side-by-side cost comparisons, and connect with the top specialist agents on a per-role basis. 

Recruit with confidence on TalentVine.

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