Can Marketplaces Solve the Time, Cost, Quality Trade-off?

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TalentVine Markeplace provides fast, cheap and high quality recruitment

It’s likely you’ve seen this time-cost-quality triangle before. It proposes that a service or product is unable to fulfil all three of these attributes, and you will inevitably have to sacrifice at least one.

But what if we told you that technology-enabled marketplaces are uniquely exempt from this rule?

When Uber arrived on the scene, suddenly everyone was getting picked up quicker than a cab could ever find you. You were then delivered to your destination in a modern, clean car with mints and water thrown in by those drivers that wanted the best ratings. Somehow this was all done at a fee lower than what we had previously experienced with taxis.

Cost and time reduced whilst quality increased.

Now take TalentVine. On our platform, you’re able to recruit in a way that is time-efficient and cost-efficient, while accessing the top professionally screened candidates. With the right mix of human interaction and data-driven matching, we deliver the same in a B2B setting.

Let’s go through each point:

Time – Quick and Seamless Process

Bids are received within 24 hours of posting a role. The knowledge that recruiters will be rated and reviewed also ensures maximum efficiency. Traditionally, if you reach out to a recruiter directly who is bogged down with a lot of work, your role won’t be prioritised in a timely manner. 

They may be a great recruiter but if they have too much other work on, or they’re unsure they can find your candidate, then the role won’t get the level of love that it deserves. On TalentVine, the recruiter simply won’t bid to work on your role if they don’t have the capacity or confidence that they will be able to find the right candidate for you so right away. You’ll only be dealing with recruiters that are ready and able to deliver.

Because the recruiters know that being unable to deliver results in unfavourable ratings and metrics,  they only throw their hat in the ring when they know they can deliver for you.

Cost – Competitive Recruiter Fees

Taking a role to the open market means that the cost of recruitment will naturally drift towards a favourable figure. Additionally, recruiters know that you will be assessing their bid alongside others. You can set your own budget or let recruiters bid via silent auction. This allows you to easily compare recruiter rates and performance before proceeding.

As our recruiters are all specialists, they will often bid on a role when they’ve recently hired a very similar position to the one that you’re looking for. This enables you to leverage the time and costs that other employers have already invested into the work. The recruiter is thus able to work at a lower rate without substituting the levels of service that would usually command high fees.

TalentVine Helps Recruiters To Boost Their Reputation

Quality – High Performing Recruiters

Our platform rewards high performers, with ratings, reviews, and recently placed roles visible for all our recruiters.

Profiles with good ratings attract more work, its as simple as that. Think about when you started using Uber as a passenger. You would carefully close the door because you didn’t want to get a bad rating. Similarly, recruiters on TalentVine aim to over-deliver, wanting to maintain the best possible ratings. This is why the average recruiter on TalentVine has an excellent rating of 88 out of 100.

When comparing recruiters, you may decide that more experience and a higher rating is worth the extra fee they charge. When you choose one to partner with, you can be sure that they’ll put their best foot forward with the knowledge that reviews and ratings matter. 

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