Tackling Diversity Through Employer Branding


Diversity and inclusion in your workforce matters.

It really does.

Not only does this ensure everyone has equal opportunities but through research, the benefits have become clearly evident. The top reasons companies focus on improving diversity is to:

  • Improve Culture – 78%
  • Improve Company Performance – 62%
  • Better Represent Customers – 49%

Unfortunately, there are still a number of barriers hindering progress. One of these is unconscious bias, however, there is now lots of research to help remove unconscious bias from the hiring process and this is something that HP has done an amazing job at addressing in their latest employer branding videos.

HP ‘Reinvent Mindsets’ Campaign

One of the best campaigns promoting diversity in their workforce comes from American based software giant Hewlett-Packard. Starting in 2017, the Reinvent Mindsets campaign has consisted of a series of videos addressing issues in the American workforce such as:

The Latino workforce

Qualified Black candidates being 3x more likely to be rejected than white candidates

Gender bias against females


“HP is hiring and our criteria is talent.”

HP’s Chief Diversity Officer – Lesley Slaton Brown


HP has done an awesome job of tackling some of the most prevalent issues in their American workforce. With these powerful videos, they have sent a strong message of their bid to improve the diversity in their company.

What can you do about your workforce diversity?

Firstly, awareness. It’s important to be aware of what the barriers to diversity are for your company. Only once you’re aware, can you begin to come up with solutions on how to improve your employer brand and hiring practices. Although you may not have the funding to create a campaign like HP, you can start with your careers page. What kind of message is it giving of your company? Is this message real or aspirational?

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