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Unbiased Hiring

At TalentVine, our mission is to help move society forward.

By removing biases from hiring and recruitment to make a fairer and more just soceity, we believe we are doing just that. We are happy to introduce our Unbiased Hiring feature to TalentVine Recruit Marketplace and Vendor Management Platform.

1. Opt-In To Unbiased Hiring

You can opt-in and choose to use Unbiased Hiring feature by default from your account settings. You can also modify this setting according to your preferences when you post a role on the platform.

2. Receive Your Anonymised Candidates

By receiving your candidates in an anonymised way, this ensures that no bias either conscious or unconscious comes into play when shortlisting your candidates for interview.

The recruiters will remove any mention of factors that may cause bias such as location – city, country, place of study/work, the languages spoken, gender identifiers, age identifiers, etc. from the resumes before sending them over to you!

Checkout our blog to learn more about why you should adopt unbiased hiring practices and how!

Taking The Bias Out Of Hiring >>

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