The Gen Z Workforce – How to Attract and Retain the New Generation.

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TalentVine's Blog Writes About How To Attract And Retain The New Generation

Generation Z are the post-millennial age group born in 1995 or after. Imagine never knowing a world without mobile internet?? Well this is now the future of the workforce and it’s important to know what makes them tick. And so catering to this next generation of superstars requires a different approach. From their technical insights, use of emojis in email communication, to their holistic wellbeing, Gen Z’s priorities have shifted and companies should start adapting and preparing for a successful future of hiring and retaining them. Here’s how to attract and retain the newest fleet of new age execs.

Flexible working hours: 

A common theme for Gen Z is the rebel against the status quo. Vanessa Marie Perry from Health Resource Solutions, LLC states.

“Generation Z will not be constrained by traditional work institutions, policies, and norms”

Gen Z don’t want to be stuck behind a desk 9-5 Monday-Friday. Some countries have already introduced 4 day work weeks and have found no drop in productivity. So it seems reasonably safe to say that the days of traditional work hours are getting left behind.

Tip: Introduce flexible policies such as finishing early on Fridays, or working remote one day a week. This flexibility is going to be a key way to keep Gen Z engaged. At TalentVine, we embrace flexibility such as Fridays when the teamwork from home.

Personal Development:

Gen Z have grown up in a fast moving world where new technologies are introduced constantly. They have a desire to not only be on top of the latest trends and technologies but to also constantly learn new skills. As a result, Gen Z place a high importance on  the opportunity to progress in the workplace. A study by recruitment firm Robert Walters found that Millennials want ‘more than just a job‘, with 68% reporting that growth and training was the most important factor and motivator in staying at a job. It’s imperative as an employer to offer the opportunity for personal and professional development. Doing this will not only lead to more confident individuals but to a workforce that feels valued and engaged as an employee.


 If you notice a skill in your employees, explore this and offer the opportunities to help them better themselves where you can.


Travel Perks are a huge incentive which attracts the younger generation. A study by Harris Group showed 72% of Millennials prefer a job if there were travel options. 


Short-term opportunities in a foreign city can be a huge attractor for younger talent. Brisbane success story Tanda offer their graduates the opportunity to spend time in one of their overseas offices. Otherwise, for long-term employees, expenses paid trip for a mini-break could be enough. 


Travel is expensive. and Gen Z are keen to save their money to spend on experiences. Commuting to work isn’t one of those. By offering travel cards, or fuel allowances. You can show from the start that you care about your employees.


Some companies have begun cycle to work schemes where employees can get a heavily discounted bike and equipment to ride to work.


Gen Z values diversity. Businesses should foster diversity and give individuals opportunities to voice differing opinions and engage in collaborative problem-solving. The landscape of leadership is also shifting and a more agile approach to workplace structure provides this innovative environment, where our new gens can work effectively. We have a generation to whom diversity is the norm- what they notice is not diversity itself, but the lack of it. 


You know what to do

In many ways, generational change is like the seasons. The changes are gradual but definite, and if we’re looking at society as a whole, it’s this forward-thinking millennial mindset that has influenced Gen X and will set the tone for Gen Z. They are the foreseeable future, they bring change and it’s beneficial to move with them and know exactly how. 


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