Recruiting IT Talent in a COVID Landscape – 5 Tips

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We all know that it can be difficult to hire at the moment and this is particularly true in the technology sector. As many organisations ramp up their online efforts as a result of the pandemic, the demand for tech and digital specialists has grown exponentially. Supply cannot keep up.

If you’re an employer looking to recruit an IT specialist it can be challenging. There are a few things you can do to get the tech talent that your team needs.

1. Be Decisive

Found a great candidate? Try to avoid putting them through an extensive interview process. Multiple rounds of meetings and testing is not only time consuming, but potentially a deterrent.

A recent LinkedIn poll shows that 91% of respondents (at the time of writing) think job seekers should only have to sit through three or less interviews.

Show candidates that you’re an agile organisation by acting now and securing your hire. If you’re not confident after your first couple of rounds, perhaps you should review what questions you’re asking and figure out how you can get all the information required to make a hiring decision during this time. Are you asking the questions you need to understand your candidate?

After identifying a candidate that fits with your organisation’s culture, with the relevant skills and experience, take the initiative to act. There’s no need to spend time meeting additional candidates, as every day you wait is another day they could spend interviewing and applying elsewhere.

Multiple rounds of interviews and testing is not only time consuming, but potentially a deterrant

2. Embrace Hybrid Teams

If you typically hire locally, consider broadening your horizons to candidates located regionally or interstate. Organisations that aren’t offering flexibility are missing out on great talent. If you’re happy to hire someone that lives in the same city and you only deal with remotely, would it really make a difference if they were based in another state?

In doing so your organisation has access to a much larger pool of talent from which to hire, and has the opportunity to work with candidates that you may not have considered before. 

Embracing a hybrid model can be immensely beneficial to your organisation and TalentVine can help you to find the perfect remote workers. You list your role, we connect you to the best recruiters in the business. You can compare rates, recently filled roles, reviews from your peers, and much more to ensure you get the best possible candidates. Not sure about interstate recruiters? We have that covered too.

It’s free to sign up and get started.

3. Upskill Existing Talent

Why look outside of the organisation if your current team can cover the role? While not always possible depending on circumstances, it could be that the internal talent you’ve already got has the potential to upskill. If they’re interested in learning new skills, why not?

This offer of additional training will massively benefit your team members and the wider organisation.

When compared to a drawn-out and expensive recruitment process, a few weeks in a training course can provide the same solution, if not better. They’re already knowledgeable about your business and its internal processes, while you have an idea of their productivity and culture fit. 

Before looking to expand externally, offer the opportunity to those internally.

Showing your employees that you are adaptable, and providing new challenges to existing staff, will help them to feel satisfied at the organisation.

"It’s not always necessary to look outside when you can add value to those interested internally... I am a strong believer in opening as much opportunity to existing teammates before looking to expand externally."
Steve Bousfield
Head of Talent Acquisition, Itoc

4. Identify Partnerships

Whether it’s managed services, consultancies, outsourced admin, project management or recruitment, now is a great time to consider how hybrid models can plug the gaps in your business.

At TalentVine, our recruitment marketplace allows you to compare the best recruiters specialising in your industry. If you’re looking to recruit a tech specialist, we’ll show you the best tech recruiters based on ratings by your peers. With metrics such as recent roles filled, placement rate, fees and guarantees visible on the profile, you can be confident in your choice.

5. Get Creative

In this market, it’s almost a certainty that you have candidates being counter offered. You may also find that team members are leaving suddenly. Don’t take this personally. Instead, think about your remuneration and retention strategies. How are you looking after your people? Are you making sure they’re happy? Looking at how you connect with the external market and internal employees is one way to improve both retention and recruitment prospects.

If you’re feeling the challenge of hiring digital or IT specialists, you’re not alone. A good recruiter can give you access to a larger talent pool, and find the candidates you need. With TalentVine, your search for a good recruiter becomes that much easier. Peer-reviewed recruiter profiles show you the fees, ratings, past performance and more, allowing you to easily compare and select from the best of the best

It’s free to list a role, so why not give it a shot?

This article is based on a piece originally written and posted by Steve Bousfield on LinkedIn.

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