Have you heard of MicroServices?

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Hands up if you’ve heard of Micro Services. OK, a quick count reveals, well, not much. Let’s try this. 

Hands up if you have heaps of work on in your Talent Acquisition team, but don’t think there is enough to really justify another FTE in the long term. Too many resumes to screen, too many phone screens to be had, can’t get back to everyone because your day is spent interviewing, can’t find the time to schedule more interviews because you’re overwhelmed with candidate response. Have you even had the chance to think about the candidate experience? Given feedback or even a non automated response to the people you’ve interviewed? 

Now that was a bigger showing of hands. We get it. You are not alone. Sadly this is becoming industry standard. Shrinking Talent Acquisition teams and an increase in candidate applications make for a perfect storm for those Talent teams still employed. Even in this apparently candidate rich market you seem to be scrambling for the best talent you can identify. 

“Talent on Demand” – the chance to tap into a wide network of experienced Recruiters to look after those things you just cannot get to, at any stage of the Recruitment Lifecycle. It doesn’t need to be full time engagements, or even full day engagements, just have the ability and capacity to get your stuff done when you need it done. Without the overheads of getting a new staff member in. Let’s face it, you’re probably too snowed under to even consider trying to run another campaign to find a Recruiter to help you. The quintessential Chicken and Egg scenario. 

TalentVine has now open the door for over 30 job types in the Talent Acquisition space. I know people will be reading this and thinking “30?” “How are there 30 different steps to cover off?” I’m reminded of a Dave Carmen training session way back in the 90’s where he could confidently articulate over 30 things a Recruiter does to make a placement. That was before Social Media and the take off of the internet. There are a few more now. 

Think about it. Do you have the capability and time in-house to cover off:

  • Fresh job ad writing
  • Executive Search
  • Market Mapping
  • Payroll compliance
  • Psychometric testing
  • Reference Checking
  • Shortlisting
  • Diversity and Inclusion Hiring
  • Indigenous Hiring
  • Downsizing
  • Talent Pooling

Then maybe it could be time to consider the micro services to ensure your function can be the best it can be for a fraction of the cost. In a time of the gig economy really making its mark with Covid19 hitting P&L’s hard, this could be the way the market turns. 

Sitting in my chair as a Talent Acquisition Manager, it is hard to argue against it if the projects are there, you and your team are drowning and affecting the solving of business problems. You don’t want to be the one slowing the business down, identifying revenue at this juncture is hard enough, it hurts if you cannot fulfil what is required to get that revenue. Being creative in how you first view problems and then how to solve them will be beacons of success going forward. Consider everything. If something can save you time, money and solve your problems, give it a go. What’s the worst that can happen?

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