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Using Hiring Services you can rest assured that your business is prepared for its Talent Acquisition needs. With the right team, delivered through Australia’s on-demand panel of HR and Recruitment Specialists.

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2020 has presented organisations with a challenging hiring market.

Whether you’re an internal HR team that needs support with screening hundreds of candidates, or if you’re a business owner that needs a recruiter to handle a hire from start to finish, we will match you with the right specialist to get this work done.

Examples of How We Can Help

Hiring Specialists That Can Assist At Any Stage Of The Recruitment Life Cycle

Specific project support such as


Already have an ad on Seek and need to identify the best-fit candidates?


Do candidates have an accurate idea of my organisation?


Are all my awards and contract rates fair and compliant?


Writing Job Ads

Get help carving out the perfect job ads that reflect your brand and attract the right talent.

Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plans

Get help developing plans to create meaningful opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Candidate Screening and Shortlisting

Get help screening the available resumes and shortlisting the most suitable profiles.

Psychometric Testing

Access the right assessments to screen, select and compare candidates against a position’s key requirements

Technical Testing

Get help preparing and conducting the right tests to assess the technical skills of your candidates.

Job Board Posting

Get your role posted onto various job portals to make it visible to a larger pool of candidates.

Reference Checks

Get help to plan and conduct reference checks for the profiles you are keen to hire.

Designing Interview Templates

Get help developing suitable templates for different rounds of candidate interviews.

Interview Reporting

Get a detailed report of the interview happenings to easily track the candidate progress.

HR Policies and Procedures

Get help from professionals to create, revise or verify various HR policies and procedures.

Payroll Compliance

Get help monitoring and maintaining compliance with your payroll processes.

Executive Search

Get help seeking and recruiting highly qualified candidates for senior level executive roles across different sectors.

Market Mapping

Get help to conduct a study  of various market conditions to identify market trends and locate problem areas.


Get help preparing strategies to reduce the size, scope and operating costs of your business.

Employer Branding

Get expert help to create employer branding strategies to ensure higher talent acquisition and retention.


Let us know what other services you are looking for and we will connect you to the right specialists.

Work With Great Specialists That Understand You


Recruitment Screening – I will use online assessment and video interviews to shortlist hundreds of applications down to the best five.


Employer branding copy writing – I will create all your new recruitment marketing materials.


15 Years in HR, let me help with the work that sucks; restructuring and redundancies.

Compare And Select The Right Specialist For Your Hiring Needs, On An Hourly Or Project Basis.
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