The Guide to Remote Hiring

Remote Interview

Nothing forced organisations into “mandatory innovation mode” quite like this pandemic did and still does. As such, it’s been an excellent time and opportunity to assess the way we hire remotely.

Whilst those with crystal balls are still not 100% sure of what post-Covid work will look like, we are starting to see some sense of normality return. However, the ability for an organisation to effectively manage a remote hiring process will remain vital should you still wish to hire remote talent, or those that are based in a different physical location.

Allowing employees to work remotely is one thing and it’s become extremely popular in the last few years. Here are 4 practices to successfully implement working remotelyHowever, being able to conduct interviews and assess candidates remotely has proven to be a different challenge. 

Being able to give remote candidates a seamless and positive experience can go a long way in winning the battle for talent. So let’s look into the ins and outs of setting up and conducting an effective remote interview. 

We are going to break this down into a checklist with four important stages: Plan, Prepare, Execute, Follow-up


  • Point of Contact

    • Firstly, and most importantly, you need to nominate the person of contact for the candidate, the candidate should have this person’s details to be able to ask any questions. This person is responsible for managing the candidate through the whole hiring process. Whilst this can’t always be possible for high-volume roles, ensure there is at least general contact information available to candidates so they don’t need to sit on hold being directed to the hiring team’s voicemail.

Remember, good talent is in high demand, making sure you constantly communicate with your candidate is important. No company is beyond treating their candidates properly.

  • Tools

    • Which video software will your company use? Here are some of the most popular tools at the moment:
    • If you are running tech interviews, move the whiteboard challenge online, there a number of remote code testing software that allow you to do this, including:
    • Make sure you have sent the candidate clear instructions on the software(s) they need for the interview.
  • Information Documents

    • It’s important to give the candidate an idea of the interview process they will go through
      • If there are going to be challenges for the candidate to complete in the interview, what might they look like, etc. 
      • Who the interviewers are, and what are their roles in the business.


Remote interviews with more than one hiring manager involved pose unique challenges. You are not sitting next to each other so you cannot share notes and picking up social cues will be extremely challenging through video. Although hiring managers will normally plan and prepare for an interview, it’s imperative to have a clear plan and guide to follow for an online interview.

  • Run Sheet

    • Prepare who will ask what questions and in what order. How do you plan on running this interview? 
    • If you need, you could practice a run through on how this is going to go. 
    • A disjointed and disorganised interview can look pretty bad for you as a company.

  • Notes

    • Make sure you are all on the same page going into the interview, all notes and information relating to the candidate and interview is shared between the hiring team.


Now, you’ve planned and prepared, the whole team knows how this is going to run, everyone knows when their turn is to lead, what success looks like etc. Now it is time to execute.

  • Space

    • Try your best to avoid loud cafes and other noisy areas. Opt for a quiet home office or wherever you can to make sure you have a non-distracting background and as little noise as possible. 
  • Internet and Technology

    • Before the interview, check your internet connection and the software you’re using making sure everything is working fine. 
  • Dress Code

    • This should be obvious, but just because you might be 5m away from your bed, do make sure you wear just what you would in a real-life interview.
  • Body Language

    • Poor body language will send just as clear a message through video as it would in real life. 

Importantly, the point of contact should share a guide of all this with the candidate. From the software being used to helpful tips to make this process run as smoothly as possible. Over-communication is key when doing this remotely. 


To reiterate, high quality talent is in high demand. You are never too good to treat candidates with respect. This time after the interview, and before the hire or start date is one of, if not the most important times when your interactions will be on full display. 

Let’s say, the interview has gone well, this candidate checks all the boxes and you are ready to send them an offer. 

It is vital that not only does the candidate have a clear line of communication with the hiring team, but that the nominated person is in contact with the candidate to check in before the offer is made. This is a time when candidates can very easily be poached by other companies who are willing to put in a bit more effort to make the candidate feel as though they’re already part of the team. 

Finally, you’ve made an offer and they’ve accepted. This is a good opportunity to make your new employee feel welcome, take the extra step to send a welcome card and any company swag. Most companies do this on a new employee’s first day in the office, why not a remote worker? 

Over prepare and over communicate when working and hiring remotely. There can’t be any room for important points to get lost in digital translation.

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