The Stories Behind Unique Recruitment Agency Names

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Agency Name Trivia

If it wasn’t for some well timed inspiration from a bottle of vino, TalentVine could have ended up stuck with the original name of TalentTree. Thank goodness for that last sip!

On the subject of business names, we come across some really unique agency names and instead of wondering where these brands come from, we decided to ask about this and more!

1. 4020 Consult

Location: Albion, QLD Year founded: 2017 Website:
4020 Consult Logo

Tell us where your agency name originated? 

It is the postcode of where I was born, the magical seaside location of Redcliffe (famous for the link to the Bee Gees). Coincidentally it is also a devastating attacking play in Rugby League.

Any advice for employers or recruiters during these times?

  • Focus on what is in your control, principally your mindset. 
  • Remain positive and cautiously optimistic whilst preparing for the enormous bounce back that will inevitably occur. 
  • Create a solid daily routine that includes physical and mental well-being activities. 
  • Remember the work fundamentals that got you to the status you have reached in your career. 
  • Stay in touch with your network and key stakeholders and offer to support them in any way you can. 
  • Don’t discount unless you have a rock-solid, agreed in writing trade-off. 
  • Offer payment plans instead of discounts.

2. Tangerine Orange

Location: Brisbane, QLD
Year founded: 2011

Tangerine Orange logo

Tell us where your agency name originated? 

When we set up the business back in 2011, we initially focussed on project & programme delivery. We wanted a name that represented fresh ways of working, visually memorable, bright and fun – very different from the traditional or acronym based companies operating in the same space at that time…

When I created the recruitment arm of the business three years ago, the name also symbolised creating a model that was the same in its outcome but very different in delivery. 

And let’s be honest orange is a great colour :0 )

Any advice for employers or recruiters during these times?

My advice is where possible continue hiring – if you stop now it will set productivity back at least six months; taking into account time to source, interviews, notice periods and training time to be productive. I know it sounds daunting but now more than ever, think about your brand and how you want to position yourselves in the ‘new world’. Collaborate with a trusted Recruiter who understands your business.

You can still hire the right individuals without meeting them. My last three placements hadn’t set foot in their future employer’s building and had all their interviews conducted using video conference. Be brave, use technology to enable your recruitment to proceed and ensure you’ve completed proper due diligence. Ask your Recruiter to help you in these areas.

Current conditions have seen a significant increase in amazingly talented individuals coming into the market. Those businesses adapting their growth strategies and embracing technology to proactively hire are the businesses securing these people.

3. Good Folk

Location: Sydney, NSW
Year founded: 2018

Good Folk - logo

Tell us where your agency name originated? 

When we founded Good Folk in 2018, we were determined to create a strong values-based business with a great work environment.

The Good Folk business was founded on five core values that we believe every Good Folk lives by: Heart, Authenticity, Excellence, Accountability and Drive. Not only are these principles important to us internally, we only work with clients and candidates that share our commitment to these values.

For us, it’s about working with ‘Good Folk.’

Any advice for employers or recruiters during these times?

  • Review your Talent Attraction Strategy and Employee Brand.
  • Look at what free training is available to you and your team.
  • Consider how you may be able to diversify for a few months.
  • Check your eligibility for government assistance.
  • Serve those surviving customers like never before.
  • Build your networks.

4. White Bay

Location: Sydney
Year founded: 2016

White Bay logo

Tell us where your agency name originated? 

We are named after the “Bay’s development” in Sydney, specifically the White Bay Power Station. The whole area is set to become the tech and innovation hub for NSW by 2025 ish.

Any advice for employers or recruiters during these times?

“Having personally worked through the Dotcom crashes and the GFC, I can only draw from that experience. In both cases, the recruiters that doubled down on both the candidate and client experience, offering their services for free occasionally and using the time to up-skill their own staff were the agencies that really came out of the period stronger. 

Your competition will get smaller (especially the big globals) and hopefully, your staff will be more tenacious, better trained and with stronger relationships to monetise. There is an opportunity in every downturn.”

5. Sweven Talent Management

Location: Brisbane, QLD
Year founded: 2019

Sweven Talent Management - logo

Tell us where your agency name originated? 

Sweven is a Middle English noun meaning sleep, dream, or vision. The word is derived from Old English. Sweven Talent Management is also the initials of the founding Directors.

Any advice for employers or recruiters during these times?

In the last few weeks, the pool of talent available to employers has increased exponentially. For those employers who can tap into these talent pools, it is a great time to invest in your human capital this will enable them to build stronger teams than ever before. With this comes challenges including the increase of applications and taking extra steps to ensure that the candidate’s motivation for applying aligns with the organisation’s goals.

There is also challenges around developing the best recruitment and onboarding process to ensure you can not only recruit the best talent but retain them when things go back to the new, normal.

6. SevenTwenty

Location: Brisbane, QLD
Year founded: 2012

SevenTwenty logo

Tell us where your agency name originated? 

Well it actually started off as a joke on the recruitment industry.When I started my career, “360 Recruiters” were highly sought after and I would often be overlooked for positions I was applying for because I didn’t have the 360 experience. As I started to gain more experience in recruitment, I started to believe that 360 service to clients didn’t go far enough to achieving the most effective outcomes, and that another 360 service was missing for candidates.

A recruiter who not only provides end to end service for clients, but one that also does the same 360 service for candidates. (i.e Deeply understanding our candidates – life journey, career trajectory, risk profile, being a genuine trusted advisor etc.)

SevenTwenty is
360 Service to clients
360 Service to candidates
360+360 = 720.

We’re 720 Recruiters. Whilst we stick with our clients through their journey in business, we are also deeply connected to the life journey of our candidates.

Any advice for employers or recruiters during these times?

– First thing… turn off the news. Go for that walk, go for that run.

– Be Kind, be thoughtful, and stay connected not just with friends and family, but also with clients, colleagues, and peers. We’re all in this together.

– Start preparing for the bounce in business.

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