Mental Toughness for Recruitment Leaders

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Paul Lyons is arguably one of Australia’s most experienced recruitment leaders as APAC MD for Michael Page International from 1983 to 1999, and Co-CEO of Ambition Group from 1999 to 2013.

Justin Falk, the CEO of TalentVine Recruitment Marketplace, sat down with Paul Lyons to discuss intriguing questions about leadership in recruitment industry and strategies to develop mental toughness and personal wellbeing during these tough times.


You have experienced quite a few economic downturns in recruitment – why is COVID19 different and why has it had such an effect on people’s mental strength?

(Starts at 03:15)
You talk a lot of about mental toughness for recruitment leaders. Why is it important?

(Starts at 09:00)
The resilience aspect is so much harder when no one understands the timeframe of the downturns. Any tips or suggestions for people who are not quite sure of when the end is in sight?

(Starts at 12:18)
Will people feel stronger if and when they return to the office?

(Starts at 20:28)
Are there any ways to self-assess if you are mentally strong enough?

(Starts at 22:08)
What are some strategies for developing your mental toughness?

(Starts at 24:00)
You have talked about some personal wellbeing – how do you maintain this at an optimal level?

(Starts at 27:09)

Paul Lyons is an experienced CEO who helps  leaders and their organisations to improve their performance and wellbeing by measuring and developing their mental toughness.

For more on mental toughness, contact Paul Lyons via and +61 419224875 or at

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