A TalentVine Snapshot – What Happens Behind The Scenes.

2018 has been a busy year at TalentVine with loads of exciting news planned before year’s end. But to keep you in the loop of how things have been going, here’s a snapshot of some of the juicy stats we’ve collected so far.

TalentVine Metrics


One of the biggest achievements we are proud of at TalentVine is having an average net promotor score of 76%. In an industry plagued by negative stigma, we are extremely proud that employers are beginning to regain their trust. Our goal at TalentVine is to help connect employers to high quality consultants that are the most suitable to fill a particular role at that exact time. With the fastest time from briefing to candidate offer being 3 days, this shows that by providing the transparency, employers are able to work with the right recruiter at the right time.

Another one of our proudest achievements at TalentVine is having an average recruiter rating of 88%. This reaffirms our beliefs that we are working with professional, efficient and ethical consultants who’s top priority is giving their employers the best possible service and result.

Despite having over 150 agencies on the TalentVine panel across Australia, the average number of bids being placed per role is only 7. This means that consultants are only bidding on work when they are completely confident that they are able to fill it. Again, this helps employers make informed decisions when selecting which agent(s) to partner with.