Understanding The Other Side of The Fence – 4 Reasons Why Recruiters Use TalentVine

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Why do recruiters like TalentVine

In the beginning, we were told under no uncertain terms that TalentVine would not be welcomed in the world of recruitment agencies….

“You’re cutting into our margins” or

“We charge 20% and we will never change”

Reminiscent of the taxi industry when Uber first launched, there was strong resistance to change when we first launched but as we have discovered these were never the type of partners that were going to succeed in a competitive and measured recruitment marketplace.

Whilst this resistance proved that there was a need to build a transparent and accountable marketplace to find the best recruiters, we realised that a new breed of specialist had emerged and they were thriving. Enter the specialist recruiter.

We are now proud to say that we partner with over 300 of them and much to the suprise of hiring teams, they are happy to work at lower rates so we wanted to explain why this is.

Whilst sceptical at first, headhunters and specialist recruiters are quick to realise the benefits of using TalentVine so it helps to understand why they are happy to work:

  • At lower recruitment fees
  • On tighter schedules
  • In an accountable environment where they are being measured and rated against their customer service, quality of candidates, candidate retention rates and time to hire.


The main reasons are as follows:

Access To New Employers


One of the most appealing aspects is that the recruiters get to work with clients that they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to partner with. If you’re a boutique specialist recruiter then you would often be overlooked when corporates select which agencies to have on their panel. We have recently had a ‘one-woman band’ have the opportunity to work with and place a candidate for a global company that works alongside NASA. This would never have been possible through a sales pitch but when the employer can see that she has incredible ratings and metrics relating to her past performance, this makes the decision transparent and removes all bias.

Utilising Existing Candidate Networks


If a recruiter has just spent the last two months working on a Head of Cybersecurity role for an employer, they would have had hundreds of interactions with potential candidates before arriving at a suitable shortlist. If they have presented the client with their three best options out of a potential list of twenty, one of those three will be hired which means there are still two incredible candidates ready to move to a new role. Just because they weren’t deemed by the client to have the exact cultural and skill fit, doesn’t mean they won’t be the perfect fit for the TalentVine client. Using our marketplace ensures they can be placed to a new opportunity before another recruitment agency snaps them up elsewhere. Because a lot of time and effort has already been invested into finding these candidates for another employer, this is why they are willing to work at lower rates and make placements in less time.

Less Admin


Terms of service are agreed on upfront by the employer so the recruiters know before they even bid on a role that they will be accepting specific rates, replacement guarantees and payment terms. They can spend more time doing what they are good at which is focusing on the candidates and getting the right ones into the right roles for you.

Rewarding Performance


In the same way that some tucked away bar in the middle of the Nullarbor experiences exponential growth thanks to some great TripAdvisor ratings, our recruiters know that they will be judged against the ratings and performance metrics as opposed to their sales pitch. They are incentivised to only opt-in and bid on a role when the recruiter knows they can overdeliver for a client and then use these ratings as a way to win more follow-on work, thereby dramatically reducing their new business development costs. Everyone wins, and this removes the guesswork and lack of accountability that’s been associated with a previously unregulated industry. Employers can see a recruiters rating & metrics, as well as similar roles that each agent has worked on, allowing for transparency and confidence in the agent.

Our Ask


Any consultant that works with an employer through TalentVine is an extension of our brand and this is something that we protect very closely. This is why we always welcome referrals from employers that have had outstanding experiences with recruiters in the past. Please let us know if you would like to nominate any recruiter who would benefit from using TalentVine. Every time that this consultant makes a hire through the platform for the first 24months, we will donate $100 to a charity of your choice.

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