4 Tips For Making A Powerful Employer Branding Video

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Employer Branding Video

74% of all online traffic is now video content and sites like Linkedin are changing their algorithm to prioritise video content. And so companies are tapping into its power to create powerful and engaging employer branding videos to attract top talent. The employer branding video is a way for companies to engage and entice potential candidates, present stories about the company, its brand, culture and mission in a new and engaging way that words and images cannot do. This is why we now give employers the option to store videos on their employer profiles.

Firstly, here are 4 tips on how to make an employer branding video that stands out. And we’ve included two examples at the end on how some companies have used humour to communicate their culture.

Be Concise

There’s no general rule for how long or short these video’s should or shouldn’t be but the main point to remember is this;

People have a short attention span, so keep it concise

It should be long enough to get the message across, but short enough to maintain engagement for the entire video.

So whats the best way to do this?

  • Define your message
  • Set your objectives
  • Ask what you want people to know/feel/believe about your company after watching the video

By defining the purpose of your video, you can tell your message more succinctly.


Show your employees


Your employees are your biggest asset, they’re the soul of your company, and they will convey your company culture best. Combined with the fact that potential candidates looking at your company want to know if they’ll be a good match with their potential colleagues. A video showcasing the people that make up your company is undoubtedly the best way to help candidates decide whether it’s a place they’d like to work.

A couple question and answer for when using employees to make the video.

How do I direct my employees?

You don’t. Be authentic. Granted, people get nervous in front of the camera, so prepare them but don’t be too scripted, you want them to be themselves.

Which employees should I put in the video?

While avoiding overkill and interviewing the whole company, try and choose employees from as wide a selection of levels and departments as you can.

What questions should I ask?

Who are you, what country do you come from and what is your job title?

How has your job changed since you started working here?

What does your job involve?

Do you have any advice for people thinking of applying to work for the company?

What’s are the challenges in your job?

What motivates you?

How has your work been recognized in the company?

What is a typical working day for you?

What is one of the most interesting tasks you have worked with?

What do you like most about your job?

What is special about working here?

How has the company helped you grow?

What was your first month on the job like?

Here’s a pretty cool video from Pinterest that goes through the individual stories of a number of employees and in under 3 minutes, we can get an insight into company culture, career growth, products, work environment, core values and company mission.


Show Your Culture

There is a shift happening in the workplace with job seekers placing increasing importance on company culture. And as such, it’s important to communicate yours correctly.

Your company culture is made up of your goals, visions, and values. So tell it, express it, and film it.

There’s a number of ways this can be done, you could let your people do the talking, or maybe you show your values in what you do, maybe it’s the fun you have around the office, the diversity, or perhaps its the change you make in the world. Company culture is unique to each organisation, so the best way to communicate it will be unique to you.

Foundation Medicine showed their values in transforming cancer care in this creative yet simply made video. Through the video they celebrate the individual uniqueness of the people that make up Foundation Medicine and how together their team are transforming cancer care. Additionally, they engaged their employees by involving their diverse team and tapping into the power of social video with #uniquelyFMI.


Think Outside the Box

We’ve given you the basics – Be Concise, Show Your Employees, Show Your Culture.

If you can tick those boxes, then it’s up to you with how you want to communicate it to your audience. So long as you’re staying in line with your brand and what you represent. Be as creative as you’d like. Some would say the more creative the better. Whatever it may be that your company preaches;

“Don’t just say it, SHOW IT”

TalentVine & Your Employer Branding Video

Employers can now store their videos on their TalentVine profile and they can control if this is shared with recruiters and candidates to ‘sell’ their company, this helps eliminate the duplication of effort that can be associated with communicating to multiple recruiters that are helping you to fill the role. For example, here’s a video one of our clients CartonCloud made that is stored on their TalentVine profile. Produced by the amazing Bizvideo.

If you were interested in finding out more, contact us here to find out how.

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