Startup Recruitment in Australia

startup recruitment

Startup recruitment in Australia, or anywhere in the world for that matter, are faced with the same issue. No spare time to filter through hundreds of applications on Seek or LinkedIn, no spare cash to outsource to a specialist recruiters. At the same time, there is an imperative need to have the best technical talent in your team in order to build that next unicorn of an app, website or piece of software.

There is no doubt that startup recruitment in Australia is hard. And those first few hires in your business will make or break the business. When you’re constantly battling with a to-do list that grows longer by the day, how Employee Share Schemes make it easier to get good talent on board. And let’s be honest, when you’re coding at 2am on a Saturday morning, it feels a bit better knowing you own a piece of your product.

Get to know eachother. This is going to be a marriage and you need to know that you’ll get on well through the good times and the bad, through poverty and wealth.


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