Employers Don’t Hate Working With Recruiters

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employees don't hate working with recruiters

There is a perception in our industry that people hate working with recruiters, but we know without a doubt that this is not true. 

Employers don’t hate working with recruiters… they hate working with recruiters who can’t meet their needs. It’s that simple.

When employers experience the confidence of knowing that they are hiring the best possible candidate; that their hire is adding exponential value to their business; that they are hiring through a highly-rated and ethical consultant; and that both parties feel the recruitment fee is fair; everyone is happy.

Facilitating this level of ‘hiring utopia’ is why we do what we do at TalentVine.

We could never do this without the amazing work, dedication and trust that these incredible recruitment consultants have shown through our platform. They work crazy hours doing an often loveless task with no guarantee of reward so that our clients can grow their businesses through amazing hires. There is nothing more likely to make or break a business than hiring the wrong person so when we think of the positive impact that great recruiters have had on the economy, it’s huge.

So, hats off to the good guys.

Yes there are still shitty recruitment cowboys in the industry but I really believe that their time is limited. We won’t touch them with a joisting stick on the end of a bargepole and when you speak to employers about which agencies we should invite on board and which ones they have had a bad experience with, we constantly hear the same names come up on both side of the fence. Our reputation is only as good as the agencies we partner with so we protect this fiercely.

And we are incredibly proud to work with such great agencies. From the global brands through to the one-man bands, thank you.

Thank you on behalf of TalentVine, on behalf of all the employers, the candidates building their careers and on behalf of everyone that benefits from a growing economy.

You’ve put trust in a start-up that was feeling its way in the dark and is finally hitting its stride. You were willing to embrace a new concept, associate yourself with a risky startup and provide buckets of value for employers whilst some cowboys still stood by the idea of, “Nah mate, we don’t drop our pants for less than 16%.

All I’m saying is that there are a lot of amazing recruiters out there and they will find you best-fit candidates like some Vegas magic trick so it’s time to stop painting everyone unfairly with the same brush.

We have the visible ratings and metrics to prove how effective and valuable these skilled consultants are. With this transparency in the industry, the cowboys will run out of places to hide and the good guys will continue to flourish. As we continue to build our TalentVine offering, employers can now be confident of working with consultants based on their previous client ratings as well as metrics and data that show what percentage of each consultants’ candidates get selected for interview, get hired and remain in their role for set periods of time. We know the true cost of recruitment is turnover and having to go back out to the market because some chump gave a long-winded sales pitch on how your initial concerns about a candidate are actually wrong just so they can get the latest Rolex.

I’m sorry if historically you have ever had to deal with someone like this and I promise we will continue to do all we can to ensure that companies get to experience the utopian side of recruitment. Because when you do, it’s going to feel reeeaaaaallll good.

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