TalentVine: Keeping The Dream Alive

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With TalentVine, employers and recruiters receive value so everyone wins! Ah, a win-win. That’s what I learnt from Stephen R Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’.

On this journey to become a globally disruptive entrepreneur, I have learnt that some books, blogs and websites are amazing for pumping you up and keeping you on the right path. Others like ‘4 Hour Work Week’ are ever so slightly off their prediction on how many hours, nights and weekends are required to get your business ready to roll.

However there comes a time when you need to put the books down and put your big, audacious goals into action.

That time for me was over 6 months ago…

Since then I’ve been rejoicing (and sometime’s weeping) at the prospect of never earning a salary again. I’ve had many a sleepless night, interstate drive, met many doubters and many believers who’ve equally fuelled me to keep going. The transition from a wantrepreneur to entrepreneurial path has officially started! I have learnt so much and I am very proud to share with you the results.

Having worked in recruitment technology alongside both employers and recruiters, I realised there was a genuine need in the industry for something new and innovative.

TalentVine was born to create a more valuable and transparent recruitment experience for both employers and recruiters.

Employers can easily access a comparative selection of recruiters who are ideally suited to finding the best-fit talent based on the employers available budget. With a wide range of employers and recruiters ready to start work, there is a partnership ready to happen for all budgets, timeframes and vacancy requirements.

Our network of professional recruiters are able to charge more affordable fees and focus on sourcing, screening and delivering better talent to the employers as they no longer have to spend time cold calling, negotiating fees and getting onto preferred supplier agreements.

TalentVine provides our selection of recruiters with very warm leads from employers who are looking to work with them right away. There is no risk, obligation or cost for employers to use TalentVine as they only pay a placement fee when their ideal candidate starts work.

Employers and recruiters are then able to create new, ongoing relationships. Ah, that sounds like a win-win too. Thanks Stephen!

Ready to get started?

Visit talentvine.staging.wpengine.com or give me a call on 0449 874 491.

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