Which are the best Sales recruitment agencies in Australia?

Firstly, the more important question should be, "Who are the best Sales recruitment consultants?"

The reason for this shift in question is because working for a particular recruitment brand is not an accurate predictor for the quality of a consultant. Employers and candidates are likely to experience a big difference in quality between consultants that work for a single agency.

Often the best consultants will leave the firms where they have learnt their trade and end up working for themselves. This is because when you are one of the best recruiters in your industry, you have deep networks in a particular area of expertise and you have the loyalty of key clients and candidates, its easier to make the leap.

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Recruitment Agencies in TalentVine Do Not Always Work With Big Brands

Do the best Sales recruiters always work for big brands?

The availability of cloud-based HR tech solutions like LinkedIn Recruiter and TalentVine, combined with a mobile phone and a desk in a co-working space means that recruiters no longer need to work under a big brand. Having lower overheads as a small company also means that recruiters can be more competitive on their fees, which is seen as a huge bonus for a lot of employers and adds to the perception of receiving great quality service.

Is there a correlation between fees and service?

As an example, some agencies will say that they never work below 20% because they provide such a high-touch service and have access to exclusive candidates. Well, we see some incredible consultants that make-work-class hires for clients at half that fee so that excuse is dead and buried.

Plus, why would a recruiter encourage a candidate to work exclusively with them? If you really want the best for that candidate, this is denying them the opportunity to find the right role as there will always be positions at other companies that certain recruiters don’t have access to work on.

correlation between fees and service, recruitment agencies

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So what makes an incredible Sales recruitment consultant?

Industry Knowledge

As an example, an ex-sales representative that hires Sales talent will really have deeper insights into the position as opposed to a generalist recruiter as they know the stresses and day-to-day feels of a role and will be able to 'sell' the opportunity.



If they are based in the same state as you, it's likely that they would have local relationships, attend regular MeetUps.

Quality of Candidates

The percentage of candidates that they submit to a client who are then invited for interview. This shows that they understand the accurate requirements of the roles and the exact needs of the organisation.

What do TalentVine's Ratings mean?

TalentVine’s community of recruiters are rated by all employers against Customer Service and Candidate Quality.

This provides you with additional clarity and accountability into a previously unregulated industry.


Outstanding service and constant communication throughout the process, listened to clients requirements and understands client culture and provided great candidates


Excellent service, good communication throughout process, took a good job brief, understands client culture, provided good candidates


Good service, communication was good, took a good job brief, understand culture, candidates met the brief


Service was satisfactory, most candidates somewhat met the brief


Service was poor, lack of communication, the job was probably outside the consultant’s specialisation, few candidates presented


No service at all, no candidates presented

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