Online Recruitment in 2021 – Employers and Recruiters Love TalentVine

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Recruiting Online in 2021

As of 2021, TalentVine’s online recruitment marketplace has over 1000 recruiters on the platform, and many more employers. But why are they choosing to work with us?

Simply put, the recruitment industry was due for a revamp. TalentVine addresses a gap that helps make recruiting online easy. Employers post a role, receive bids from recruiters, and choose based on a variety of performance metrics provided by TalentVine. Additionally, our seamless vendor management and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) means that recruiting online has never been better for employers and recruiters alike. 

Here are a few more reasons why:

Social Proof

For recruiters, high-quality marketing and pitches go a long way, but nothing is more credible than approval from a previous client. TalentVine captures and displays ratings and reviews on each recruiter profile, provided by real employers verified to have worked with them. The numbers do the talking, meaning recruiters with the best performance, not the best sales pitch, rise to the top.

Likewise, employers would much prefer receiving a high-quality service than a high-quality pitch. Clients will naturally trust reviews from their peers and can be confident when deciding which recruiters to partner with. 

Great recruiters thrive on TalentVine and we love helping facilitate these introductions between employers and recruiters.


Holistic Viewpoint

Employers are offered insight into not only how a recruiter performs, but the overall experience of the partnership. Because recruiter ratings and metrics are presented together when bids are received, it’s easy for an employer to compare and contrast.

Recruiters have the opportunity to stand out from the competition with their ratings, as well as placement rate, average placement time, or a replacement guarantee. 

New Business Development

TalentVine facilitates the building of new relationships between employers and recruiters. The former get to see what options are available on a case-by-case basis. There’s no one size fits all, and TalentVine allows you to find the best recruiter for every specific role you need to fill. And trust us, we have some really incredible consultants ready and waiting to assist.

Our recruiters get the opportunity to work with new clients they may not have had access to previously. Recruiters get to spend more time focusing on candidates as opposed to Business Development. Plus, each role presented to a recruiter is an employer who is ready to hire, right now.

Work with the Recruiter, Not the Agency

When an employer posts a role, the bids received show information about the recruiters, rather than the agencies they work for. Agency name has very little to do with the outcome received from an indivudual consultant. TalentVine employers can know exactly where they stand and who they’re going to work with. Seeing a recruiter’s friendly face and individual performance also give employers a better sense of trust.

The Recruitment Marketplace also has massive benefits for a range of recruiters. Whether they’re a one-man band or part of Australia’s largest agency, we allow employers to focus on the benefit from working with that particular human, and everything that they can bring to the table. If a recruiter changes jobs or leaves their agency, they’ll retain all of their ratings and metrics to continue building upon.

"TalentVine has made it easy to scale the market and select the right specialists in niche fields. The team has been amazing, interactions and needs are met every time."
Yvette Machado
Talent Acquisition Business Partner |

In 2021, online recruitment has never been easier with TalentVine. 

This article highlighted just some of the reasons why recruiters and employers choose to work with us. 

For recruiters, it’s a source of trust, credibility and business development. Great recruiters are rewarded with better reviews and better visibility, so that they can help more and more clients that value high-quality service 

For organisations, TalentVine provides transparency, proof of quality and a streamlined recruitment experience. Recruiters can be compared, selected, and managed on one easy-to-use platform.


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