Agency of the Month: Hallis

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Meet the team Hallis: TalentVine's Agecy of the Month in November 2019

We love to recognise the top-rated agencies on our platform, based on performance metrics and employer ratings. This month, we would like to give a shoutout to Hallis. Congratulations to the Hallis team, and thank you for delivering outstanding services to our clients!

Agency: Hallis

Location: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

Specialised Industries: Accounting & Finance, Project Services, Banking & Financial Services, Contact Centre, ICT, Service Desk Management, Sales & Marketing, Office Support, Government

Placed Roles through TalentVine:

  • General Manager Operations
  • Claims Manager
  • Accounts Payable Bookkeeper
  • Programmer
  • Business Development Executive
  • Company Secretary (ASX) and IPO Advisor
  • Systems & Project Engineer
  • Executive Assistant
  • Operations Manager
  • Business Support Administrator

Tell us about your journey as a recruitment agency

“Established in 1989, Hallis has offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and delivers services across Australia, both directly and together with strategic partners. Hallis has worked with many companies, building towards their success. By helping shape the strategic direction of human resources within organisations, Hallis has added value, increased productivity, and ultimately provided a greater return for all stakeholders.

Hallis brings over 30 years of Australian networks, customers, and genuine long-term relationships founded on a true spirit of partnership. At Hallis, we take the time to customise our solutions by utilising best practice recruitment methodology together with a commercial approach and robust technology.

Our mission is to be regarded as a leader in the delivery of recruitment and workforce management solutions by building partnerships and delivering service excellence to our customers, employees and wider community. Our values are Integrity, Partnership, Responsibility & Teamwork. These values define who we are and our core beliefs. They govern our decisions, actions and behaviours. They define how we work with our customers, colleagues and community

It is our dream and pursuit to provide the market with an exceptional customer experience.  We operate with absolute integrity, and in a what may be described as a ‘Me too’ industry, we standout by the quality service we consistently deliver.”

What's been your experience using TalentVine?

“Hallis enjoys a working collaboration with TalentVine of more than two years now since TalentVine first launched. TalentVine now supports our wider business development strategy and has the potential to favourably impact our market expansion. By using TalentVine, we have been connected with employers who may not have otherwise been on our radar. It is particularly beneficial that those employers are actively hiring and already across TalentVine’s standard terms of business – all of which expedites the formation of a new trading relationship. In turn, the focus is recruitment – our core strength; candidate sourcing, selection and securing a timely appointment – a ‘win-win’ all around.”

What's one piece of advice you'd give to employers?

“As is fundamental to effective business strategy, it is all about the strength and trust forged by our relationships with employers. We greatly value the time spent with employers and do our utmost to genuinely understand their organisation’s culture, business drivers and challenges. It may go without saying but likewise, we see it as an imperative that employers invest in this relationship by providing a detailed and informed brief – the full picture, good and bad so that we can effectively support the employer as a trusted advisor and a service provider. To us, the relationship is more than making a placement; it is the trusted and enduring partnership that brings the greatest rewards for all. 

Once a shortlist is identified, employers will well benefit from being geared up for action. In a tight labour market, where talent is eagerly sought, speed is essential in securing new hires.  Brand reputations can be damaged by slow turnarounds, nominal feedback and overall poor service. Remember candidates often have choices – become their desired destination by engaging them from inception, and then will you find yourself in the enviable position of being spoilt for choice! “

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