Agency of the Month: White Bay

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Meet the team White Bay: TalentVine's Agecy of the Month in October 2019

We love to recognise the top-rated agencies on our platform, based on performance metrics and employer ratings. This month, we would like to give a shoutout to White Bay. Congratulations to the White Bay team, and thank you for delivering outstanding services to our clients!

Agency: White Bay

Location: Sydney

Specialised Industries: Digital, IT, Sales, Consulting, CEO & Management

Placed Roles through TalentVine:

  • Client Manager
  • CTO/Senior Full Stack Developer
  • Development Team Lead
  • Lead Developer – Full Stack Javascript 
  • SaaS BDM (Business Development Manager)
  • Security Lead
  • Senior Full Stack Engineer
  • Senior Technical Specialist
  • Solutions Architect, Video & OTT

Tell us about your journey as a recruitment agency

We conceived the idea of “Whitebay” back in 2015. NSW Premier Mike Baird announced the redevelopment plan of White Bay Power station and surrounding land over the next 10 years to become the Tech and Innovation hub for NSW. Shaun Deacon, White Bay’s founder, had been in the tech recruitment sector for the past 12 years at this time. He saw the announcement as a future change bringing a significant impact on the tech sector of Australia as a whole, and wanted to be there from ground zero.

“Creating the brand ten years prior to the new development may seem a little odd. But I wanted us to be a respected brand before the first groundbreaking. Not just the first firm to coin the name after it is completed.”

“What has made us successful to date is the fact that every consultant has worked with the industry they recruit for. For example, Dylan Chidgey (Principal Consultant) spent 10+ years building a career as a Network Engineer and Manager. After completing his MBA, he left his technical role to utilise his business and tech skills for recruiting for other companies’ teams. Indeed, Shaun and Noah are both very adept coders, and their newest hires come from the Business Intelligence, Cyber Security and Product Development communities respectively.”

Adopted as the ABC‘s sole supplier for all permanent tech and product roles across Australia as well as a number of other household names that use White Bay’s services upon an exclusive basis, the future is very bright for this innovative agency.

Dylan Chidgey and Shaun - White Bay
Dylan (left) and Shaun (right)

What's been your experience using TalentVine?

“TalentVine has enabled us to focus our time on building true partnerships with clients. It removes the need for business development and gives us more time to focus on delivering high-quality candidates.” – Dylan

What's one piece of advice you'd give to employers?

“My advice would be to truly partner with whichever agency you choose to work with. Invite them into your office and really educate them about the organisation they’re recruiting for and representing on your behalf. This is not only invaluable to us in our search undertakings to find the ideal cultural as well as technical fit. But it also enables us to sell the opportunity at a much greater level, when great candidates are deciding heir next role upon the smallest of differences.” – Shaun

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