Recruiter of the Month: Anthony Dare

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Meet Anthony: TalentVine September 2019's Recruiter of the Month

We want to recognise the top-rated recruiters on our platform, based on performance metrics and employer ratings. This month, we would like to congratulate Anthony Dare as TalentVine’s recruiter of the month!

September 2019’s Recruiter of the Month: 

Anthony Dare

Anthony Dare, Managing Director at Dare Recruitment
Anthony Dare - Dare Recruitment

Agency: Dare Recruitment

Location: Brisbane

Specialised Industries: Legal, Accounting & Finance, Sales, Business Support

Employer Rating: 9.0

Role History:

  • Commercial Lawyer x 3
  • Lawyer x3
  • Litigation Lawyer
  • Patent Attorney
  • Financial Services
  • Employment Lawyer – Associate Level
  • Employment Relations and Safety Lawyer

Tell us about your journey as a recruiter

“Prior to recruitment, I was an insurance lawyer with a national firm in Brisbane. I was looking for something different but also something that would allow me to put my experience and networks developed whilst a lawyer to good use. Then I saw a role (scrolling through Seek on my phone over a coffee on a Saturday morning!) with a global recruitment business in their legal recruitment team. I applied and was lucky enough to get a role.

After two years of working with some great people in that business, I felt I had the ability to make it on my own. I took the plunge and founded Dare Recruitment. I’m proud to say it will be five years in business next February.

What's been your experience using TalentVine?

“We have met some great clients on the TalentVine platform that we would not otherwise have met. These relationships have become lasting and have resulted in repeat and ongoing business.

What's one piece of advice you'd give to employers?

“At the moment, if you are recruiting lawyers or accountants, you need to move quickly. The supply/demand curve is very much in favour of the candidate. They are regularly receiving multiple offers and their current employers are fighting hard to keep them. It’s highly competitive and the early bird is often getting the worm! 

Obviously, a diligent recruitment process needs to be undertaken. But you should aim to book your interviews in as soon as possible and have the key decision makers attend from interview one in my view. The first mover advantage is critical in this candidate market so it’s important to move through the process in a timely manner.”

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