How to Source the Best Talent: Active vs Passive Candidates

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In the Talent Acquisition space, we often hear about active candidates versus passive candidates. There is no clear answer about here. In hiring processes, applicants tend to be a central part, but it is becoming increasingly important to take into account those who are not applying. 

A recent statistics uncovered that more than 73% of the candidates today are only passively looking for jobs. In Australia, the figure jumps up to 78%, yet more than half of the business is overlooking those passive candidates

Your recruitment strategy should be appealing for both active and passive candidate groups. Otherwise, you will not only diminish your talent pool but also miss a chance to win top-quality hires


What is the difference between Active and Passive candidates? 

Active Candidates:

Active candidates are those who are seeking a new job actively and are immediately available. They are the ones that apply for jobs.

Passive Candidates:

Passive candidates are those who are currently employed and not actively looking for a new job. They are usually happy with the current place of work. However, that does not mean they are not interested in a new opportunity. 

According to Linked In’s talent trend report, about 15% of passive candidates are preparing to move, but are not applying for jobs. They are not available immediately and will not apply for job organically, but can be the great candidates in your hiring pool.


How do we find them?

Active candidates are easy to find because they are voluntarily coming to you. They would apply for your job listings using job board services, such as SEEK or Indeed, so good employer brandings and job posting techniques are essential to attract those candidates. 

However, it is challenging to find passive candidates as they are not going to apply directly. This is where a professional recruitment service comes in hand. Experienced recruiters know how to efficiently define the candidates who are ready to switch by analysing their activities in social media or resume placement service. Following is the four great methods of how the recruitment specialists would utilise to discover the passive candidates with the great prospect of changing the job. 

1. Spot the change of the social media profile

If the candidate makes a change or slightly clean up their profile, that could indicate that they are ready to switch. 

2. Analyse the frequency of job switching

The candidates who change the job with a certain periodicity (for instance once in 1-3 years) have the potential to look for new opportunities after one expiration of this term. 

3. Find those who have not moved for long

Those candidates who have been staying in the same position for more than four years and not have received promotions might have a great interest in moving to a new job. 

4. Look for the employees in start-ups

Look for the talents in fast-growing start-ups. If the company has received investment, employees tend to work hard to get this profit and are not yet ready for global workload increases. They can be your potential candidates.

Source a great talent by using recruiters

Of course, finding suitable candidates is not enough. After discovering the potential candidates for your job listing, you need to examine who will become your new rock star. As we discussed in the previous article, making the wrong hiring choice is very costly to your business in many ways. Engaging professional help is invaluable as they can offer the best candidates who are pre-screened and already shortlisted for you. 

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