Recruiter of the Month: Luke Jackson

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Meet Luke - TalentVine April 2019's Recruiter of the Month

We want to recognise the top-rated recruiters in our platform, based on performance metrics and employer ratings.

April 2019's Recruiter of the Month: 
Luke Jackson

Luke Jackson Won TalentVIne's April 2019's Recruiter of the Month

Agency: Jackson Talent Management

Location: Brisbane

Industries: Business & ICT Transformation

Recently Placed Roles:
– Senior Agile Business Project Manager
– Senior Solutions Consultant Manager
Strategic Portfolio Management

Employer Rating: 8.5

Tell us about your Recruiter Journey

I have always been in recruitment in between skiing/travelling and joined as a graduate in IT recruitment. I disliked the heavy sales, KPIs and ruthless nature of the industry in the UK and decided the only way for me to succeed was to become an expert in a very niche area. I chose IT Business Analyst & Project Management. I moved to Brisbane and spent 11 years specializing in that space and now run JTM. I love being embedded in the Brisbane community. Fun fact – at a previous business I held APAC top biller and APAC worst salesperson at the same time. I will continue to tell people that recruitment isn’t sales if you know your market and the market knows you.


What’s been your experience using TalentVine?

It allows time poor specialist recruiters like me to solve problems for clients we wouldn’t have the time to meet and account manage. Clients can see our expertise and pick us for roles that we excel at. As more clients use us for these specialist roles our ratings improve and TalentVine enables us to grow based on expertise rather than pure sales. Its also a win for the client based on access, reduced fees, reviews and outcomes.


What’s one piece of advice you’d give to employers?

“Agility is key. Constantly reviewing your hiring processes and methods. If a role is taking more than 2-3 weeks to fill you need to understand why. There are many different approaches, options and ways to do things differently once you engage the industry and are open about your challenges.”

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