February 2019’s Recruiter of the Month

Ben Sunderland

We want to  recognise the top-rated recruiters in our platform, based on performance metrics and employer ratings.


February’s Recruiter of the Month: Ben Sunderland

Tell us about your Recruiter Journey

Started off in recruitment at Robert Walters where I truly believe they deliver some of the best training for those being inducted into the industry. Over time, I felt that my way of recruiting and my skillset fitted better with a smaller agency focused on quality of work and building true commercial partnerships.

Since joining Morgan Consulting, I have experienced a new environment to recruit in. We have the facilities and technology to provide an innovative experience for candidates and clients. This includes co-working offices, virtual assistant support, video resume technology, real-time reference checking and a whole load of other tools. Consultants also have the flexibility and support to truly partner and add commercial value to their relationships. This places less emphasis of volume of KPIs and more emphasis on quality of KPIs.”

What’s been your experience using TalentVine?

“Following on from above, TalentVine has been a great tool to access some exceptional clients. Its seamless platform allows you to work with your client through the system or alternatively you can engage directly in the normal manner that you would service a job vacancy.

The support and contact from Justin and Kyle throughout the processes has been just right. With them both being very experienced in the recruitment field, they understand when to communicate and check in without interfering. With that being said, they place a level of trust in you once you have proven your capability.”

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to employers?

Don’t undercut your preferred candidate on salary when making an offer. I don’t know why organisations do this but it is still a regular occurrence. It is counter productive; it makes your candidate feel underwhelmed and regularly results in them negotiating back upwards to what was initially discussed anyway.

Would you ever do your Woolies shop then ask to pay $10 less at the checkout? Doubt it. So don’t offer to pay $10K less when you know that was the salary expectation from the outset.

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