3 Quick Tips For Hiring Millennials

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TalentVine's Blog Writes About 3 Quick Tips For Hiring Millennials

The millennials have entered the workforce in droves with 75% of the workforce comprising of millennials by 2025.  However, this increasing presence hasn’t always been met with open arms. Millennials have often been criticised of being spoilt, bratty and in need of constant attention. And years later, hiring managers are still left tearing their hair out trying to figure out this generation. Born into a world of technology, increased connectivity and constant exposure to the issues faced all around the world. Millennials have drastically different values, attitudes and priorities from those before them. But interview techniques haven’t been updated to match this. So it’s extremely hard for employers to not only find out what these candidates want, but also how to interview them to find out. Before interviewing millennials, here’s what you need to know.

Know what’s important to them

Interviewing millennials is going to be different from interviewing Gen X or Baby Boomers. Why you ask? Because millennials have new ideas about how work should be done and what they require from their employers. To best interview a millennial, you need to know what’s important to them. So here are 3 things to emphasise to attract top millennial talent.

Social impact

82% of millennials say that they are more apt to take a job at a company that is focused on corporate responsibility. But currently, they have a pretty negative view of the workforce. Less than half of them believe business has a positive impact on society. Growing up constantly exposed to the issues around the world, poverty, natural disasters, increased awareness to mental health issues, millennials want to help make change.

With this negative view of business, a big opportunity is open for you to discuss what your company is currently doing and what they plan to do to contribute to important causes. Activities like community outreach or charitable gift matching can be a big incentive for millennial talent.

Stress work-life balance

Some millennials are now at the stage where they’re starting families and taking care of ageing parents and they now have many important responsibilities to worry about. Providing benefits such as extended maternity/ paternity leave can be very attractive to these workers. Another benefit that is becoming more and more attractive to the later millennials into Gen Y/Z’ers is flexibility. This age group has begun questioning the traditional 9-5 working day, preferring to work hours that can fit around their lifestyle so they can maintain a healthy work life balance. If your company offers any of these or can arrange to bring in some of these benefits, it is certainly worth discussing with interviewees.

Emphasise growth opportunities

Millennials place greater importance on growth and progression over money than the generations before them. In this rapidly changing work climate, coupled with a natural curiosity, millennials not only understand that constant improvement and learning is the key to staying ahead of the curve, but they’re genuinely curious and eager to keep up to date with the latest trends. Bigger salaries will come naturally by keeping up with and ahead of this curve. As an employer, It will be hard to attract this talent if you don’t show them a clear career path for promotion and advancement with lots of opportunities to learn new skills.

Being able to attract, hire and retain millennials will prove vital for all businesses. But more importantly, being able to change and adapt hiring practices to suit the changing values and priorities of new generations will be a catalyst for future growth and success.

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