3 Talent Acquisition Trends You Need To Know

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TalentVine's Blog Writes About Talent Acquisition trends

As a talent acquisition team, one of the most important feats to achieve is to able to implement a structured and scalable process that can process hundreds or thousands of applicants across multiple locations. If you’ve accomplished this, then this puts you in the best of class category and you’re in a very good position to attract top talent.

But what’s next?

A big challenge for TA teams is to not only keep up, but stay ahead of the trends. Those that innovate, experiment and stay ahead are more likely to achieve success. Why settle for good practices when you can have great? With the current market as it is, it’s extremely important for companies to have good hiring practices to set themselves apart and attract top talent.

Here are 3 trends in HR that will take your talent acquisition to the next level.


Embrace AI and predictive analytics

Glassdoor predicts that AI will impact all facets of business, but the biggest impacts will come in two sectors: Finance & Talent Acquisition. Predictive analytics is already having a big impact in helping improve HR decision making. AI and Machine learning can probe massive amounts of data to help identify trends and patterns, identify the most predictive models, learn, adapt, and self-correct over time. These tools coupled together and used properly will put HR teams in a position to succeed like never before.


Provide transparency for candidates

We talk often about the candidate experience and how important this is. And one of the most important aspect of this experience is transparency. This lack of transparency can lead to you not only losing top talent who become disengaged during the process, but also a negative brand which will affect your ability to attract these candidates to begin with. Thinking about this lack of transparency in perspective, Glassdoor puts it best.

In an era when consumers can easily track every step in a FedEx delivery process — from a mobile device — it strikes most job seekers today as archaic to be unable to track the status of a potentially life-changing job application in real time.

The technology to provide this transparency already exists. It is just a matter of repackaging data from your ATS and opening it up to candidates.


Build powerhouse hiring profiles

When filling vacancies, your trying to satisfy an immediate need. But it’s also important to be hiring people that will contribute long term success of the business. How can you identify someone that will not only thrive in your culture, but also boost results and contribute to success? This is where hiring profiles provide are important for providing a benchmark. Hiring profiles are suited to your organisations culture and core competencies. These variables can then be implemented into your pre-hire assessment tools to measure a candidates fit for the job.

What are the most important things that make up your hiring profile? This is different for every company. But Amazon for example, who is known for hiring workhorses, innovators and pioneers, looks for traits like Curiosity, Frugality and Customer Obsession when evaluating candidates for leadership roles.


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