Employer Branding Videos Done Right

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TalentVine's Blog Writes About Employer Branding Videos

Research shows that people prefer to watch videos than reading content. Applicants are no different. And so, employer branding videos are becoming the most effective way to communicate your company to potential employees.

Getting your videos played on TV isn’t an affordable option for every company. However, getting good views on the internet and social media platforms is quite achievable. With the added benefit that those that are really good will get shared around, exponentially increasing your reach.

Employer branding videos are known to be a bit cheesy, and to be honest, sometimes they might even make you cringe if not done correctly. Below are a few examples of employer branding videos done right. But before we get into those, take a look at this.

Look familiar?


  • Please avoid the corporate video clichés satirised in the video above…We’ve seen enough.

Now onto the good stuff. I hope these videos will give you a bit of inspiration for when you do your own. It’s about thinking outside the box and being authentic.

GE – Childlike Imagination 

GE do a fantastic job at producing engaging and enticing employer branding videos, and this one is no different. Looking through the eyes of a little girl fantasising about what her mother does at work. The video shows GE in a fairytale like light, where they are creating things in magical world, and in reality, it’s not all that far from the truth.

Go Places With Heineken 

In this video, Heineken promotes the fact that Heineken isn’t just one beer, it’s a brand with over 250 labels under its belt. And they do it without being too over the top, or too corporate.

Let’s just say that they want employees to: “Learn a craft, a trade, there’s a journey to be made.”

Working at Dropbox

Dropbox, probably one of the best when it comes to employer branding videos. This video, although a bit dated, is an all-time great. A great example of a something that’s out of the box and refreshing. They’ve made it funny and engaging whilst still showing off the people of Dropbox and what it’s like to work there.

So, where to get started? 

Granted, these companies have a lot of money to play with to make and share these videos. But that’s not to stop you from making something engaging, educational and entertaining yourself. To put you on the right track, think of the three ‘C’s

  • Curious
  • Clear
  • Conscious

Firstly, you need to draw your audience in. We live in a world where everyone is competing for viewing time. Even this blog was competing for your interest in an overconnected world. Something to pique the viewers interest or curiosity is a good start. Not only is it hard to get people to look at your content, but to keep them engaged is just as difficult. So, it’s important to clearly get across your proposition. And last but not least, conscious. You need to make your viewers feel something (preferably positive) about your company. All the videos above made me feel something about the company. Getting that response is what you’re trying to achieve.

However important all these points are, the number one rule of employer branding videos is to be real, accurate and authentic. Not some aspirational view of what its like to work at the business otherwise candidates will apply to join you, only to leave as soon as they realise this was an aspirational view of what its like to work with you.

Want to store your employer branding videos on TalentVine so that your recruiters and candidates get an even better idea of your employer brand? Well, now you can. Get in touch to find out how.

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