Creating an Employer Branding Video

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Employer Branding

What is your organisation’s flavour?

It goes without saying that talent is such a vital cog for an organisation to function and making sure you can attract the right people through an accurate employer brand is vital . As with any project brief, the more that a recruiter can understand about the role, the organisation, and how best to ‘sell’ the opportunity to a candidate, the better quality hires they will be able to provide for the hiring manager.

This sell needs to be genuine.

Business owners and hiring managers can often paint a very aspirational view of what its like to work at that company. Often a candidate is sold on this view and as soon as they join, they realise this isn’t the case and this miscommunication is a major driver of employee turnover.

To remove duplication of effort with this briefing process, some of TalentVine’s clients like to record videos or store additional information about the company that can be accessed on your profile by their chosen recruiters so they are already armed with this information before the face-to-face or telephone brief takes place. This makes it easier for them to pass this vital information onto candidates instead of playing ‘broken telephone’ when you’re rushing through a telephone brief.

You can record as many different questions as you would like. Feel free to walk around the office, introduce other team members and get creative!

We suggest recording videos with the following content:

The Company:

  • Beyond the role, what is your team doing that makes joining the company exciting?
  • Tell us about the company: Why does your company do what you do?
  • Explain the type of work that you all do.
  • Describe the clients you work with and the type of culture that the team has created?
  • What do people love about working for the business and what makes them stay?

Living the Employer Brand:

  • What are the organisation’s values?
  • How would you describe the culture?
  • What makes team members proud to work at this company?
  • What is in place to support professional development and career growth?
  • Is risk-taking encouraged, and what happens if people fail?
  • What role do the company’s values play when it comes to hiring and performance reviews?
  • What’s one thing that the organisation would like to change about how things are done internally?
  • What is the employer value proposition? ie what does a candidate have to give to the organisation and what will they get in return?

Getting the Right Fit:

  • While every candidate needs some experience to hit-the-ground-running in a new job, we all know personality and aptitude play a much bigger role in the long-term success of a candidate. If you had to hire someone without any prior experience to join the company, what kind of personality and aptitude would they need to quickly get themselves up-to-speed?
  • What’s the difference between those who do well in your business and those that don’t succeed?

The Position:

  • Why is this position open? (Growth, launching a new product, employee resignation)
  • What are their most likely advancement or promotion opportunities?
  • What are the long term objectives for this role? (try to give three)
  • What are the short term objectives for this role? (try to give three)
  • What will be a day in the life of this role?
  • What are the must have skills for a candidate to be successful?
  • What are the preferred skills for a candidate to be successful?

Employee Value Proposition Drivers

This image courtesy of The Higher Mix

Next Steps

Once a video has been created, please email and the team will add this video to your profile. Alternatively, at no cost, we will visit your office and assist in filming a video for your TalentVine employer profile. Please contact us to get started.

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