9 Habits Great Managers Have That Increase Employee Engagement

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Great Managers increase employee engagement

The majority of managers come from within an organisation after being high-performing employees and somehow end up in leadership positions. The same happens with founders that achieve a level of success and then suddenly find themselves with a team to lead. It’s hard enough to keep yourself operating at the optimum level and now I hear you say that we have to keep a team motivated, fulfilled and engaged?!?

Being a manager isn’t easy by any stretch, but for those that thrive, here are 9 habits that they have in common that helps keep up employees engagement.

They know when to jump in, and when to stand back

This can be one of the hardest skills to know. It can be difficult to know when to chime in and fix problems yourself, and when to stand back and let employees figure out the problem on their own. Great managers understand that sometimes employees need to learn from their mistake, and so they walk the fine line between babysitting and letting employees learn themselves.

They know their strengths and their weaknesses

The great managers know themselves the best, and they know what they’re good at, and when they need to ask for help. And they’re not afraid or embarrassed to seek out help when it’s needed.

They understand that attitude is everything

The best manager isn’t always the nicest manager. But, they know that being negative isn’t going to produce employee engagement and that a positive attitude breeds productivity. And importantly, they know how to turn adversity into opportunity and how to keep the focus on the positives.

They look for employee feedback

One of the most effective ways great managers increase employee engagement is by making their employees a part of the work, this includes things like asking for their opinions and feedback.

They know how to make decisions

Similarly to #4, great managers aren’t afraid to invite the team into the decision making process. Because they know what decisions should be a team effort. And most importantly, they stand behind the decision on behalf of their team.

They’re a team player

Managers who excel are ones who realize they’re a team and that their team is crucial to the business and their success. Employees are also aware of the relationship between managers and employees and this can alter the team morale and influence the effectiveness of the business. Managers and employees who work together and are accountable for one another are what makes businesses thrive.

They know how to manage up

Accomplished managers understand the key to getting things done is effectively managing up. Managing up is the ability to keep senior management informed while providing continual support to a team, and this keeps the organisation moving in the right direction.

They provide value by delegating well

Successful managers know the work they should do themselves and the work they should delegate to others. They encourage the idea of employee learning and gaining new skills while understanding the intricate balance of delegation. A great manager should be comfortable with handing over responsibility while also sharing an integral part of the workload.

They are comfortable with the word “I don’t know.”

Managers aren’t expected to know everything. An influential leader will also have questions and is happy to research answers. They are fine with the wording “I don’t know, let’s find out.” This portrays an important image to employees, while setting a great example…

Employee engagement occurs when employees give their all to the company and are happy to do it. That happens when managers have respectful, trusting work relationships with employees. This comes about through the process of giving and asking for feedback, good communication and the recognition of employee achievements.

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