TalentDimes For Recruiters!

TalentDimes is a credit system that enables you to access more deal-flow as you achieve more through the platform. Over time, we've seen the way great recruiters operate, and this is a way to reward those quality performers.

You'll start off with a certain number of TalentDimes, and can earn more by completing positive actions such as submitting a candidate, adding reviews, writing a detailed bid, offering a longer replacement guarantee, and receiving positive employer ratings.

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How TalentDimes Work

With TalentDimes, you have full control over how you use the TalenVine platform! Bid on the roles that you can hire and be rewarded for your excellent work. Spend TalentDimes to submit a bid or Superbid, and receive a refund if you aren’t selected. 

All recruiters can earn and spend TalentDimes at their discretion. Agency admins can purchase TalentDimes, transfer them, and view the spending history for all their consultants.

Please keep in mind that this is a beta feature, and we’ll be balancing the numbers as we move forward. We love to hear your feedback to help us improve and refine this system.

How Do I Earn More TalentDimes?

TalentDimes are your way of earning rewards for your high-quality recruitment services. How you choose to engage with the platform will dictate how much you keep, how much you spend, and how much you succeed on TalentVine.

You earn more TalentDimes by completing positive actions on the platform. These include:

  • Adding an external rating
  • Inviting another recruiter to the platform
  • Rejecting an invitation for an unsuitable role
  • Submitting a bid with a >5 month guarantee
  • Include a custom message in your bid
  • Performing weekly role check-ins
  • Submit a candidate to a role
  • Make a hire
  • Make a follow-up hire with the same employer
  • Receive a rating of 8+

TalentDime FAQs

TalentDimes on TalentVine are earned by taking actions that we know are predictors of platform performance such as making a placement for a client getting rated highly or inviting colleagues to your platform. A full breakdown can be seen here that will then link to the page that shows what adds and removes TalentDimes. 

There are certain actions on TalentVine that will deduct TalentDimes such as bidding on roles without making a placement and having negative ratings from employers. We want to ensure all consultants have the best chance for success on TalentVine and this should be aligned with their own platform, usage, and performance.

One TalentDime equals X amount. Example: Bidding on a role is worth 500 TalentDimes which would cost X amount of dollars. Whereas making a placement would provide a TalentDime of however many TalentDimes that is at a value of X dollars

TalentVine works best for our recruiters and employers when the utmost care is being taken in deciding which roles to bid on, putting effort into making a placement, and ensuring the right consultant in your agency is the person working on a role. The TalentDime system will provide users with the flick. 

The agency TalentDimes are not spent by the agency. They are distributed to individual consultants to be earned and spent. There are however some bonuses that are issued directly into the agency pool.

You can. An agency admin can go into the agency panel and purchase TalentDimes as required to top up. 

Absolutely. We have very generous rewards in place for good performance on the platform. And with the higher bonuses that we issue. It’s quite easy to stay in the green.

Currently, there is no restriction placed on your account for going into a negative balance. Each night your account will be brought into a positive balance from the agency’s unassigned TalentDime pool. In the event that the agency pool goes negative, all administrators will be notified that a top-up is required. In the event that your agency opts not to purchase additional TalentDimes, you may face restrictions on engaging with new employers.

Absolutely not. It is at your discretion how many TalentDimes you would like to spend up or down. 

There’s a widget in the header of your profile that has a summary of your current balance, your last five transactions, and a button to view your full history of all of the balances, and all of the transactions you’ve performed on your account.

Overnight, your account will be topped up with TalentDimes from the agency pool.

Agency admins can transfer TalentDimes between agents of the same agency and into and out of the agency level but not to users from other agencies.

No, there is none under Australian consumer standards of consumer law.

You can contact the TalentVine administrator, and we will respond to you immediately and help sort it out.

TalentDimes do not directly affect reputation and ranking; however, more TalentDimes mean more opportunities to win work and improve your performance metrics.

No, there are not. You only need to purchase TalentDimes when you run out, but there are no actual fees associated with individual TalentDimes.

If you wish to only work with an employer whose panel you’ve been invited to, then you can do so without participating in the gamification as these roles will not be impacted by this.
There should be no concerns about using TalentDimes as restrictions should only impact a consultant that either makes low quality bids on a high volume of roles, or has been unable to make hires on a large volume of selected roles.

Absolutely. We are always happy to take on feedback and we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions regarding the TalentDime system. 

You cannot. They are non-transferable outside of your agency, and they are also non-refundable. 

In essence, a superbid is a way to “double down” on an opportunity. Your superbid will appear first in the shortlist and act as an indication that you are certain you can make a placement for the role. Superbids increase the cost of a bid by 1500, as well as the associated TalentDimes that come from making or not making a hire. 

If your bid is not selected, if a bid is waiting over two weeks to be selected, if an employer is uncontactable or doesn’t provide you with a fair opportunity to work on the role then your points will not be deducted and you will be refunded any credits used in that engagement.

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