Queensland's Virtual Recruitment Panel

Queensland's Virtual Recuitment Panel

TalentVine is the responsible procurement platform that enables Queensland’s employers based in Brisbane or elsewhere to work with best-in-class, local recruitment agencies.


Hire through your choice of recruitment specialists, across hundreds of Brisbane and Queensland based recruitment agencies, on your terms, at fees set by you.

By using TalentVine as a your Virtual Recruitment Platform, based on standard recruitment rates of 25%, your business can save up to, and in some cases, over 50% on this recruitment fee. Hiring through recruiters has never been so affordable or simple.

Great Companies Use TalentVine

Never has there been a more important time to support small businesses and we have made it easier than ever to do so.

TalentVine is a proud Brisbane-based hiring marketplace connecting employers to a virtual panel of specialist recruiters that you can compare, select and work with remotely, to keep your recruitment processes moving in times of lockdown.

We are proud to connect leading employers with the most suitable recruitment consultant, based on merit and performance, whilst removing the procurement headaches associated with supporting small businesses.

Great Companies Use TalentVine

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