How to download
your LinkedIn profile photo

How do you download your own LinkedIn Profile Photo?

Unfortunately, LinkedIn doesn't make it very intuitive when it comes to downloading and reusing your LinkedIn photo. On TalentVine, we ask recruiters to upload a profile image of themselves to use on their own profile. After seeing some boomer selfies, company logos, family photos and even one outstanding Basil Faulty image, we figured out that this isn't as clear as it should be so the following steps will help.

1. Go to your own profile page by clicking on your profile image in the top left hand corner.

Left click on your profile image and this will create the option to edit. You're beautiful enough so there is no need to edit this.

2. Right click over your image and select Save Image As.

Select either .png or .jpg and you'll now be able to use this file to upload and add to your TalentVine profile

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