Are You Looking To Hire A Contractor?

TalentVine is the logical place to start.
We make contractor hiring a breeze.

Using a recruiter ensures that your team can focus on what you need to do while our recruitment specialists find you the perfect candidate.

Why TalentVine?

One of the most important, and often overlooked aspects is the compliance and legal aspects of bringing this temporary team member on board such as insurance and payroll tax.

When working with TalentVine's specialist recruitment consultants,
these details are handled for you.

So How Does TalentVine Work?

1. Post your role

Tell us the person that you're looking to hire by adding the role. You can select your available budget and opt to have the candidate on either your, or the selected recruiter's payroll.

2. View shortlist of recruiters' bids

Top-rated recruiters that have the required credentials to help you make this hire, will bid through TalentVine for the opportunity to present you with their best available candidates.

3. Select your recruiters

One of the TalentVine team will be on hand to guide you throughout the process or you can use our performance metrics and ratings to easily identify the right recruiter to engage with.

4. Make your hire!

You're protected by our employer-friendly terms of service whilst it costs you nothing to use TalentVine.

Get started now by receiving bids so you can make this hire a reality.
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