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Leveraging HR Tech to Easily Manage Outsourced Recruitment

What is TalentVine?

TalentVine is a free-to-use ‘Elastic PSA (Preferred Supplier Agreement)’ that provides employers with simple, accountable and transparent access to recruitment specialists from over 500 of Australia’s top recruitment agencies.

So, this ensures that as an employer, you have the confidence and flexibility to hire the right talent from the most suitable sources, at fees and terms that work for you, every time.

Essentially we want to give you full and easy control into hiring the best possible talent for your team.

This is done by building the right selection of different resourcing specialists,

Only when required, at your mutual terms and fees.

Employers’ Pain Points

Partnering with agencies based on the agency’s brand name as opposed to the exact skill set and proven ability of the individual recruiters delivering the work, and representing your brand.
Being locked into recruitment fees which are more expensive than those available through recruitment marketplaces
The time-consuming process of selecting, setting up and negotiating terms with a variety of recruitment agencies that often involves the legal and procurement teams.
Having generalists or non-specialists hiring roles on your behalf when there are more suitable specialists available off-panel that would deliver better candidates
Lack of accountability from the agencies as they know they will still receive roles from the employer regardless of the value they have been adding during the lifetime of the agreement

How TalentVine Resolves Them

Less Admin

Your company’s terms of business are stored on TalentVine so recruiters agree to your terms before you engage with them. Or you can just use TalentVine’s employer-friendly, standard terms.

Cost Saving

Recruiters often already have access to the talent that you’re looking for so are willing to work at lower rates. Plus they know that in a recruitment marketplace, their bids are competitive so they are willing to work at lower fees.

Less Time

Leveraging off the time and costs that other employers have already invested into finding similar talent. As we like to say, you get to ‘piggy-back off their efforts’. Just because a high-quality candidate hasn’t been selected for a role after weeks of screening, doesn’t mean that they won’t be right for your organisation.

Freedom to Work with the Right Recruiters

You get to work with proven recruitment specialists, regardless of whether they work for themselves or for the largest agency in town. Because through our tracked performance metrics and ratings, it’s simple for you to see who has the credentials, ratings and ability to deliver on what they promise before engaging with them to fill a role.


Continual accountability as all recruiters are rated by you and your industry peers on each role that they work on which provides clarity in to a previously unregulated industry. Even more, we measure key performance metrics such as the ratio of submitted candidates to interviewed candidates so that you can see the recruiters that deliver great hires each time, and avoid the ones that throw a bunch of CVs against the wall hoping one will stick.


This is why employers are now ditching the restrictive model of direct agencies agreements and instead are using recruitment marketplaces, such as TalentVine.

Over 300 leading employers are benefiting from the TalentVine platform

Results of using an Elastic PSA with TalentVine

How do you get an Elastic PSA?

Organize a demo with one of the TalentVine Team

Or tour the platform yourself with the option to add your first role.

Which recruitment agencies can I work with through TalentVine?

TalentVine currently has specialists from over 500 recruitment agencies across Australia. Plus, you’re welcome to invite any recruiters onto the platform if you’ve had a positive experience with them before.

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