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TalentVine Case studies of WorkCover – Elastic PSA Use


The Talent Acquisition team at WorkCover QLD hire a variety of specialist and technical roles across a vast number of specialisations. Therefore, this required access to a variety of specialist recruiters that weren’t always available from their panel of recruitment agencies. 

However, the legal and procurement teams need to approve the terms and fees for each new role. However, this created a headache and slowed down the time to hire.

How TalentVine Helped

WorkCover QLD uses one set of terms and conditions on the TalentVine platform which all recruitment agencies agree to before working on any roles. This ensures that everyone is working against the same terms of service through TalentVine. 

WorkCover QLD is able to review all the bids from recruiters before deciding whom to engage with. TalentVine provides the team with full clarity around who the best consultant is to work with each time. For example of “Similar Roles Recently Placed” and “Recruiter Ratings and Metrics”.

Results and Return on Investment

As a result using TalentVine, WorkCover QLD does not need to involve the procurement and legal teams each time a new hire or agency engaged. Also, this provides full flexibility to use any agency that has the right proven experience and ratings.


– 18 roles have now been hired through TalentVine, both permanent and contractors.

– 94% of roles placed on TalentVine have been successfully hired through the platform.

– 100% of candidates made it past their probation period, reducing turnover associated with using disengaged or unsuitable recruitment consultants.

– Avg exclusive fee paid: 11.5%

– Avg non-exclusive fee paid: 13.7%

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