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Branding, Design

Squadink Uses TalentVine as Their Recruitment Platform
Case Study of TalentVine Helping Squadink To Hire Digital Project Manager


Squad Ink needed to hire a strong Digital Project Manager to work on accounts such as Ferrari, Batlow Cider and City of Sydney. They had a tight budget so tried SEEK at first with no success. Needing to hire a great candidate in a competitive market, they were running out of time before the start of a large project for a prestigious client.

How TalentVine Helped

TalentVine shared the job description and candidate requirements amongst the specialist recruitment agencies across Sydney. Two of the agencies had recently placed similar roles with other clients. So they were happy to partner with SquadInk at rates that suited their tight budget.

"TalentVine is a really innovative concept in recruiting. The process is centralised so we saved time and had more control over the candidates’ screening and the recruitment budget. Sending a brief out to many recruitment agencies at once allowed us to receive many quality candidates in a very short time. We’re very time poor so it really made a difference, and the talent we hired is a great addition to the team. It really feels like a new way of recruiting and our agency will definitely use TalentVine again."
TalentVine's Employer Testimonials from Francesco Solfrini, Account Director of SquadInk
Francesco Solfrini
Account Director, SquadInk

Results and Return on Investment

As a result, TalentVine has been able to save SquadInk time and money by sending out their position brief to multiple recruitment agencies at one tap. So this allowed SquadInk to receive many top quality candidates in a very short time. They sent offer to the successful candidate. The Digital Project Manger they hired is a great addition to the team.

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