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Nano Novelle Uses TalentVine as Their Recruitment Platform
Case Study of TalentVine Helping Nano Nouvelle To Hire Chief Operation Officer


Nano-Nouvelle’s recruitment had been attracting large numbers of unsuitable applicants.  Because their demands of exclusivity, up-front fees, and high overall commission were unacceptable. They had been struggling to find a suitable recruiter for a COO position.

How TalentVine Helped

This COO role required experience in nanotechnology. Even more, this position required a willingness to relocate to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. TalentVine’s network included recruitment agencies specialising in technology and science. So, they selected agencies that had experience in dealing with similar candidates. The consultants reached out to their networks across Australia for this very niche role. 

"Our DIY recruitment had been attracting large numbers of unsuitable applicants and we had been struggling to find a recruiter for a COO position, as their demands of exclusivity, up-front fees, and high overall commission were unacceptable. TalentVine was able to connect us to some great agencies offering fair rates, eliminate up-front fees and have a few specialist recruiters working in parallel. This provided a larger pool of well-screened candidates from respected recruiters, at $12,000 less than what we had been quoted directly."
TalentVine's Employer Testimonials from Stephanie Moroz, CEO of Nano Novelle
Stephanie Moroz
CEO, Nano Novelle

Results and Return on Investment

Of the six candidates presented, Nano-Nouvelle interviewed four and offered the position to Greg. After 16 months, Greg is still an integral part of the team and has helped Nano-Nouvelle win multiple awards. In the meantime, They become a global leader in 3D nano-porous conductive membranes.

As a result in recruitment budget saving, Nano-Nouvelle also saved $12,000 in recruitment fees compared with they have got quoted elsewhere.

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