Grant Thornton are hiring in a space where there is a lot of competition for top accounting and finance talent and they had found that recruiters were approaching them with very high fees whenever they were advertising for key roles. Not only did they want a solution that could reduce their outsourced recruitment fees but they wanted to also ensure that they were only ever working with top quality consultants that were experts in their fields. Often their best results in hiring roles were from smaller boutique agencies and they wanted to be able to identify the best agencies to work with each time, whether boutique or corporate and know they are getting the most attractive rates at the same time.

How TalentVine Helped

The first role Grant Thornton ever added to TalentVine had been with their panel of recruiters for four months without any successful hires. Within two weeks, they had made a hire for this position as TalentVine enabled them to access a specialist recruiter that had recently placed a similar role, and therefore had a perfect candidate ready to submit. Grant Thornton now stipulate the maximum fees that they are willing to pay and our platform ensures that all recruiters that agree to work on these roles are doing so at, or below this rate.