The Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group


BCG has a high-performance culture and the office support required need to be of the same calibre. With a small internal resourcing team, BCG utilises TalentVine to engage with specialists that can assist in filling additional roles where requires external support. Whilst they were happy with the quality of candidates they had been receiving from their preferred agency list previously. The fees were eating into their budget so this attracted BCG to TalentVine.

How TalentVine Helped

BCG has been able to work with six specialist recruiters that focus in Sales, Executive Assistant and Office Manager roles across their Sydney and Canberra offices. They used the TalentVine network simultaneously to their internal processes. Moreover, there is no cost or obligation should they end up hiring someone directly for both contractor and permanent roles.

Results and Return on Investment

Boston Consulting Group has been able to reduce their average fees from 18% to 14% whilst still maintaining the same high standards of hiring. With customised terms of service and using TalentVine as their single supplier, this has reduced the admin and compliance requirements associated with outsourced recruitment so the team can focus on doing what they do best.

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