Supply Chain Procedures Adviser, Aurizon


Aurizon had spent 14 months looking to hire a Supply Chain Procedures Adviser with no luck. Realising that to fill this role, they would need to tap into new networks of candidates, they placed the role on TalentVine. Aurizon’s business practices ensuring that their employment activities, including attraction and retention, promote diversity in their work environments.

How TalentVine Helped

Aurizon uploaded the role to TalentVine and within 24 hours, they received three quotes from agencies that specialised in the supply chain recruitment. As one of these agencies had recently worked on a similar role, they had an existing screened candidate network and therefore when selected exclusively by Aurizon, they could send the right candidates across as soon as they had a briefing from the Hiring Manager.

Results and Return on Investment

Three candidates were interviewed and one offer was made and accepted within two weeks of the initial brief. 

With a 10% fee, Aurizon was able to save $4,000 on previously quoted rates and get closer to their gender diversity targets by having the right person join the team. TalentVine also negotiated with the agency on behalf of the client’s to ensure that a six-month replacement guarantee was offered which is in line with their probationary period.