Risk Manager, Aurecon


Aurecon was looking to hire a Risk Manager to cover a 12-month maternity leave. With the start of the maternity leave unexpectedly being moved forwards, this critical role needed to be hired urgently.

How TalentVine Helped

Aurecon was successfully available to fill the role within 4 business days. Within 24 hours, the role was posted on TalentVine, they received four quotes from specialist recruiters. As our data was able to show that one of these recruiters had recently worked on a very similar position and had been rated favourably by previous employers, they were selected by Aurecon. This was also appealing to Aurecon as the consultant had agreed to work at 12% instead of their standard 17%, given that they had already identified suitable candidates based on the previous position. They were also able to provide a shortlist of three candidates on the same day as being briefed, two were interviewed with one starting within four days of the employer selecting their recruiters through TalentVine which accelerated the whole hiring process.

Results and Return on Investement

With a 12% fee, Aurecon was able to save $8,000 in recruitment fees whilst reducing the time to hire significantly. And importantly, they have a great team member to provide cover for the next 12 months.